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8dp3dt is that a positive?

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Hi ladies,

I need your experience to help me confirming if the attached test photo is a positive or too faint for saying it is positive?

I know it's quite early to test as I am on 8dp3dt but I am so nervous as this is my 5th transfer and hopefully it's the one 🙏🏻

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I can see something! I've never used these tests though (and have never had a BFP) so not the best authority 😂 Hang in there and keep testing closer to your OTD. But hoping for a good outcome for you xx

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HANAHANA in reply to AuroraXen

Thank you so much! Fingers crossed 🤞

Well it definitely looks like a faint positive and early too! Fingers crossed it just gets darker, good luck!xxx

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HANAHANA in reply to Cinderella5

I hope so 🤞thank you Cinderella!


I can definitely see a line! I think I have the same tests as you and had something similar today. I'm a bit in denial as have never had anything that shows as vaguely positive before so let's hope we both have good news!

When are you going to test again and what's your OTD from the clinic?

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HANAHANA in reply to Purple276

Fingers crossed for both of us dear 🤞 as long as we see even a faint li e that's hope for me 🙏🏻My OTD is on 23rd coming Saturday but I will do home test, în my country they don't do blood tests for pregnancy unfortunately.

When is your test day?

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Purple276 in reply to HANAHANA

Well everything crossed for Saturday it gets darker. Do you have those more expensive pregnancy tests that spell out out for you? I used one this morning and looks like it's a bfp for me! Eck!

I'm actually between IVF rounds so even more in shock as was told it was very very unlikely to happen with my eggs. On day 30 of my cycle so 4 days late which was why I was convinced the light line wasn't good enough.

Let me know how you get on and hope this one sticks and is the one xxx

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HANAHANA in reply to Purple276

Wow great to hear and best of luck dear 🤞❤️I do have degital tests keeping them for the official test day coming weekend 🙏🏻

Those tests are often really weak - so I would say that’s a decent line at this time! Congratulations x

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HANAHANA in reply to Hayleh123

Thanks for your reply dear. Much appreciated!

That’s a positive!!! Fingers crossed it keeps getting darker! Xx

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HANAHANA in reply to JoP32

I hope so!

Thank you!

I did repeat it today not sure does it seems darker?

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JoP32 in reply to HANAHANA

I think so - but do you still have the other one. It’s helpful to put them side by side to really see the difference x

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HANAHANA in reply to JoP32

Yes but it faded since yesterday and clear anymore.

5 more days to OTD and will try be more patient 🙏🏻

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MomaJoni in reply to HANAHANA

Absolutely definitely darker! Congratulations!!!!

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HANAHANA in reply to MomaJoni

thank you dear <3 i hope will continue this way

Looks like it, but did you do a trigger as the HCG from the trigger can stay in your system for a week. The safe day to test is 11 days past transfer. I hope it’s a positive 🤞🤞🤞🤞

I did a test on day 7 and was negative so I assume hcg was out of my body! The following day I got the faint positive.

But will take your advice for sure and retest on day 11.

Thank you!

Hi lovely, that definitely looks like the start of something! I've used these strips in the past and they aren't hugely sensitive (despite their claims)... in fact I recently got my first ever BFP (6th time lucky) and I couldn't bring myself to test at home. So once I'd had a scan at 6.5 weeks I finally plucked up the courage to home test (just because I wanted to see those lines) and it still wasn't that strong! So I wouldn't trust these completely to tell you HOW pregnant you are - if that makes sense... xx

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HANAHANA in reply to Millbanks

Oh dear I'm so happy to hear that! Congratulations and wish you all best during pregnancy journey ❤️

Thank you for your lovely feedback 😘

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Millbanks in reply to HANAHANA

Thank you very much! Everything crossed for you xx

Congratulations. Its a faint positive. x

Thank you ❤️

I can definitely see a line!! Keep testing but looks like good news!! 🙌

Thank you! I'm excited but scared at Same time after experienced early miscarriage.Finger crossed 🤞

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