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Implantation Spotting

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Hello. My wife and I are on our 3rd FET. 1st one she had some spotting a few days after FET, we got a positive but then no heartbeat on our first ultrasound. 2nd fet was a failed cycle. Now we are 7 days into the 2ww of our 3rd fet. No spotting at all this time. My wife wants to know if anyone can shed some light to no spotting and positive pregnancy test. Thank you.

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Hi I am the opposite to your wife, first cycle I spotted from about half way through TWW and got a BFN (failed round). My second cycle I had no spotting whatsoever and this morning got a positive result!! I’ve been told no two cycles are the same and I think it’s very true as I’m sure everyone on here has had different symptoms with different outcomes. I know how hard it is trying not to read into everything but you’re getting closer to knowing either way so hang in there!

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Thank you for your input and congrats!

I spotted with first transfer which led to full bleed. Unfortunately a failed transfer. Second transfer had the tiniest spot of pink 5dp5dt. Nothing else and it ended up in being successful. No two cycles are the same. Wishing lots of luck and baby dust to you both

Hello- My first round with a fresh 5DT I started spotting on OTD and it was a BFN. Second round with fresh 3DT I haven't spotted at all and I am 5 weeks 2 days pregnant today. I don't really have any pregnancy symptons so I am quite worried. But it does seem like everyone is different and some people have all the symptons and others none. Good luck x

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