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First beta test 10dp 5dt


Today recieved first beta test which was 300 and nurse congrates me and I am wondering 300 is okay or what and they will do second beta too after few days and I am worried hope second beta stay good and everything stay alright as I had miscarriage before around 8 weeks and feeling v vulnerable. Hope we all get what we want and God make it easy for us Ameen

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Congratulations!!! I understand it’s difficult to relax especially after a previous miscarriage, but hopefully your beta number doubles in a few days time (48 hrs). Good luck and congratulations again on your pregnancy...x

Thankyou so much tiddley as still I am not getting v excited as what happened last time but hopefully what you are saying should be right and my beta would double up and everything would be fine , thanks for your kind words and may God almighty bless us what we desire Ameen

You’re welcome. God bless...x

Congratulations!! So your tests were correct. I have read its not very common in natural pregnancies to have two miscarriages back to back so please try to relax. And the good thing is. Even if you dont relax the stress isnt really harming your bubba so more reason to stay positive. Put your trust in God and enjoy this blessing day by day. Xx

Congratulations, your numbers sound good! Best of luck with your next bloods.xx

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