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Transfer update


After my last post that 7 fertilised and 5 were making good progress, this morning 2 were transferred. The procedure went well and I had my McD's chips after! Unfortunately none were viable to freeze, like I said last time, 5 were frozen and 1 transferred fresh but they all resulted in failures.

I felt a little disheartened esp. as it was self funded. But but like the doc said, it just takes 1.

But I'm getting past that and only thinking positive thoughts. What will be, will be!!! I have a mantra in my head, it'll work, it'll work!!

How you all getting on?

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Fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻 I’m at the end of my 2ww.. just have to get through tomorrow then it’s test day! I’m so nervous and excited! But you’re right what will be, will be! xx

murakami in reply to amyw_15

Thanks! ..

You won't be able to sleep ;) 🤞🤞🤞

All the best xxx

amyw_15 in reply to murakami

I know!! Keep me posted!! Wishing you lots of luck! xxx

murakami in reply to amyw_15

You too xx

Stacia in reply to amyw_15

All the best

I'm 6dp5dt and I'm waiting til Friday to test.. Am a little bit curious to see if hcg will be detected this early. 🤞 And best wishes to you xx

So not long to go :) did you take time off? I'm taking a few days off .

Good luck to you too xx

Yes I took of 7 days that included time for egg collection and transfer, it allowed for 3 days rest after transfer xx

Ah me too, 3 days after transfer feel right :)

murakami in reply to murakami

Feels *

Sending you best wishes for the 2ww 🤞 I’m 4dp5dt - wow the waiting is harder than I thought! I’m liking your mantra, will give this a go (rather than mr google! 🙈) xx

Thank you 😊

Oh Google is the worst! I'm staying off it. Are you drinking lots of water? 2 to 3 litres they told me and I'm constantly going to the loo.

Good luck to you xxx

Always got a pint of water in my hand! 😊 Keep warm and rested xx

Good luck and fingers crossed for you! Take it easy and look after yourself xx

murakami in reply to Suzy86

Thank you 😊

I gave my egg collection tomorrow. Eee! Why do I need to have McDonald chips after collection and drink lots of water? Best of luck to you all! Xx

kitscat in reply to kitscat


murakami in reply to kitscat

Good luck for tomorrow. I think the mc d chips is some kinda superstition, like eating a pineapple core. But this is after transfer not collection.

Drinking water brings much-needed fluid back into your bloodstream. X

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 x

murakami in reply to HelenJudi1

Thank you xxx

That is very similar to me. We had 7 fertilised, they all lasted to day 5 but only 1 could be transfered and the other 6 were not good enough for freezing. So are hopes are with 'The ChosenOne' as we are calling our little embie.

I transfered on Saturday and I too had my McD fries (which were very disappointing!)

Good luck with your journey, as everyone keeps telling me, it only takes one 🤞x

murakami in reply to MiskyB

So that makes us buddies then😁 I really enjoyed my chips hehe. It is a shame we couldn't freeze but what can you do.

Fingers crossed for you too ❤💚💛

Best of luck for your two transferred embies. Fingers crossed for you! Try to stay positive and healthy for the next two weeks. Give yourself that time to rest and take extra care coz its winter. I hope you get a Christmas miracle. Btw, Murakami is one of my favourite authors. Norwegian wood is brilliant. X

murakami in reply to Rainbowhope

Thank you rainbowhope! Yes mine too:) I couldn't think of a username so used him! my favourite is Kafka on he shore and Dance Dance Dance xx

Rainbowhope in reply to murakami

I haven't read those but I've got Kafka somewhere. I read The Wind Up Nird Chronicles and it was brilliant but s hard slog so I took a break from him. But Norwegian Wood is ace. It's a beautiful and painful love story. Reading is a good idea in the two week wait.

murakami in reply to Rainbowhope

yes wind up bird chronicles is also really good, i read that recently :)

must admit i started norwegian wood ages ago and stopped, i don't think i was in the right frame of mind, it was a bit depressing but i know its one of his best so will give it another try x

Rainbowhope in reply to murakami

Actually yes it's a dark love story. Might not be good right now. I read The Sun Does Shine in June and it's the most amazing story of hope and survival. I got pregnant that time but resulted in a chemical. Reading something with a positive message is much better in 2ww

murakami in reply to Rainbowhope

Sounds interesting. Just googled it🙂

Fingers crossed for you 💕 I only had one embryo decent enough to transfer back out of 6 so I was very disheartened at the time but here I am with my 2 week old baby girl. It really does just take one xx wishing you the best of luck

murakami in reply to Char1302

Ah thank you, that's good to hear! And congrats!! Enjoy baby time 💛Xxx

Best of luck for the 2ww. Take it easy, I have my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏼xx

murakami in reply to Lavender96

Thanks so much 🙂🙂🙂

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