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Advice for 2ww please x


Hi you wonderful ladies. I'm having my 5th and last frozen transfer tomorow. 1st was successful two miscarriages and a bfn. Did everyone cut out caffeine? I have done for all of mine and it's not helped so I'm thinking maybe a few hot drinks might be ok? I just miss coffee so much and suffer from migraines when I cant have any. Also does anyone have any advice on what to do or not to do in the 2ww please? Cant believe I'm doing this again it's so hard to move on after it doesn't work. Any advice or tips would be very welcome. Thanks ❤

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No. Even pregnant ladies can drink up to 200mg per day so enjoy a couple of coffees. Good luck for 5th time lucky xx

slupton in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you xx

Just wanted to wish you luck,im currently on 2ww with 5th transfer so hopefully it's a lucky number for us both xx

slupton in reply to Clairenix

Thank you good luck to you too! Thinking of you ❤ xxx

Hey, no real advice but I did hear that if an embryo is going to stick, it will stick... I’d say if you’re below the nhs guidelines you should be fine xxx

Thank you your right I'm going to have a coffee this morning before I go it will be nice not to suffer from withdrawal this time xxx

Just wanted to say good luck for your 2ww, I’m on also on my 5th FET, praying this is the time for both of us xx

slupton in reply to Core

Wishing you all the luck in the world ❤ xxx

Core in reply to slupton

Thanks you too xx

Good luck for your transfer today xx

Thank you xx

Good luck for today xx

slupton in reply to Lots8788

Thank you so much xxxx

Good luck darling. I hope this is your time. I’ve found when I chill out about the fine details I end up getting pregnant! Have a coffee with friends and take it easy on your mind as well as body. Xx

slupton in reply to Dolly8

Thank you ❤ your so right. I love this group your all so amazing xxx

Best of luck for your transfer today! And a small amount of caffeine won't make any difference so enjoy a coffee and save yourself the headache. X

Good luck Hun! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻xx

I cut out all caffeine for 2nd tranfer. It didn't work. Didn't cut out caffeine for 3rd transfer, still didn't work. I found doing pregnancy yoga during 2ww really helped. It's just a calm time, gets the blood flowing, and you get to spend time with your "baby" (whether it takes or not, I found it was still nice). I did pregnancy yoga because some yoga positions aren't great for pregnancy/2ww. I didn't get a positive result but I still feel it helped deal with that.

Just wanted to wish you lots of good luck 🤞🏼 I understand the fear of cutting out coffee. I struggled getting myself down to 1 a day 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

I think allowing yourself 1 coffee a day is absolutely fine. Completely depriving yourself of something you like can just make you miserable and stressed which you definitely don’t need. Try and plan some nice relaxing things to do over the next 2 weeks to take your mind of it all (even if just for an hour or so) xx

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