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Laperoscopy treatment nerves... any advice... or just a cwtch please? Tehe x

Hello lovely people,

Firstly, I'd like to send luck, love and big hugs to you wherever you are on, let's face it, this epic roller coaster of emotions that is infertility; if Hallmark haven't made a card to acknowledge this journey then they sure as hell should think about it cos we all deserve a medal!

Anyway, my laperoscopy date has finally arrived... This Thursday, 8am to be precise. The referral said "investigate and treat".

As I have a blocked left tube and they found a mass of fluid on the left of my euterus during my last ivf, just wondering what you think I could expect?

I guess it'll be a repair or remove situation with the tube and if they discover anything else like endo I guess they'll deal with that too, right?

Forgive my ignorance but if they remove the tube will the left ovary no longer produce eggs for harvesting?

Also, how long is the typical recovery/return to work/exercise/ivf round 4?

I have to say I'm mildly nervous... been having some crazy dreams about being on roller coasters with no seat belts too which I guess suggests I'm feeling a tad out of control... can you tell? Argh!

Anyway, apologies for the stream of consciousness rant!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Big thanks xxx

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Hello Pookymama 👋🏻

I know it is different circumstances but I had my left tube removed in April after a ruptured ectopic at 9 weeks. If you still have two functioning ovaries then eggs can be collected from both. The tube is only used for fertilisation and as IVF/ICSI involves fertilisation outside of the body, they are not required! My recovery time was quite long due to complications from the ectopic but as far as I know for a laparoscopy it's about 2 weeks (don't quote me on that!) but you should be guided by your own body and if you need longer you should take it.

Wishing you loads of luck with your surgery and the next part of your journey. Like you say it is a roller coaster so look after yourself and put yourself first. Xx

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Hi Lou, thank you so much for your lovely message, means a lot and has made me feel more positive!

You poor thing, you've been through so much!

How're you feeling with it all and where are you with your journey now?

Sending you lots of luck and love for the next leg. Xxx


Good luck with your lap. If they find endo around your ureter or bowel they should leave it alone unless they are a qualified corectal or urinary surgeon. General gynaes are not trained to remove endo from these areas even though they think they are. Pouch of Douglas and any endo involving the ligaments should also be reported but left alone. Hopefully they won't find that but I'd reinforce that to the surgeon and ensure you haven't given written consent for them to go all guns blazing on severe endo if found. Hopefully there won't be any and you can get the main ivf required bits seen to.

My lap was 4 hours. A cowboy general gynae thinking he was qualified messing around the urinary system. I'm lucky to not be incontinent! So extensive cutting and was told at least 4 weeks off work. I was quite sore for a few days but the outside heals faster than the inside so be aware. Also your first period after maybe a bit horrendous.

Ensure youve got some dried prunes as your digestive system stops under GA and you can get very backed up. Waitrose soft prunes help you not strain on the first post surgery number 2 and really don't taste too bad.

Hope it goes well x


Gosh Emma,

Your experience sounds horrendous!

How are you now and has it helped your fertility?

You'd think that to reduce costs, waitlists and doubling up on invasive surgery for the hosptial and patient that they'd just give you a surgeon qualified to treat whatever they may find in the first place to meet that potential need!

Thank you for the advice hun.

I hope your journey is progressing well? Xx


I felt back to normal by 2 weeks. But out and about within a week without pain.


Hi Pookymama,

My circumstances were different but I had an ectopic last November and had one of my tubes removed via laporoscapy. It didn't take long for the small key hole wounds to heal as have had the surgery a few times to remove my end. But I would say after I had my tube removed it did still hurt for quite some time. More like I had pulled a muscle in my side.

I also think that like Lou said, you don't need your tubes for IVF and they should be able to collect from both eggs during collection.

Wishing you all the very best with it and I hope it goes well x x

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Hi Raglee, thanks for your reply. You've been through the mill hun!

Yeah, I didn't think the tube thing would effect IVF and if it's blocked so ineffective anyway they might as well remove it.

I was reading today that certain kinds of tubal repair are considered more effective than others for ivf success. Not sure what they'll do yet though.

Thank you for the well wishes hun.

How're things with you? Xxx


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