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Sad ending


Nurse called and told me that my levels had dropped to 26 now so no chances of viable pregnancy. Now they told me to stop taking all my meds now and wait for bleeding in 2-3 days to clear it off. Sad ending but at least we all tried. But I will not lose hope and try again next time. Hopefully luck will be on my side next time. Feel quite empty . Will miss my little embryo who tried so hard.

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I’m so very sorry. I have been through a chemical pregnancy in 2017 & it’s so completely heartbreaking. The sense of loss is unimaginable. Not much anyone can say but thinking of you during this difficult time & hope you have lots of support around you xxx

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Thanks sweet for your kind words. Coming days will be hard but I will keep strong

Im so sorry to hear that! Take some time out to grieve and be kind to yourselves. Sounds like you have a very positive mind and strong will to be thinking ahead already. Hugs.xx

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Thanks sweet for your words of encouragement. I try to be strong since my ovarian failure at 26. So circumstances have made me realize that life is never easy. But as I said coming days would be heartbreaking but i have to overcome this . Hope one day we both enjoy motherhood.

So sorry Renk. I’ve just been though this and know it’s heartbreaking regardless of “knowing” it could be an outcome

Stay strong, surround yourself with people who care and try and stay positive. I’m taking each day one and a time. Trying to tell myself that it wasn’t meant to be and that my meant to be is coming. I know yours is too xx

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Thanks for your words of encouragement. Yes we have to let time heal our wounds. We know it's not easy but we will stay positive and hope one day will enjoy motherhood. Hugs to u too sweet. This grief is the hardest so we need lots of support from loved ones

Aah, sorry to hear that, don't give up my dear, this is my 7nth attempt, 1st test hcg 24, second 24 again, 3rd 21, and the 4th 115, very stressful, but I'm still willing to try even after this, I mean is every woman's dream to become a mom, xxx

Thanks for your encouragement sweet. Hugs to you and admire your courage. I feel inspired to stay more positive now to try next time. Yes one day we will be successful to enjoy bliss of motherhood.

🙁 x

Look after yourself x

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So sorry to hear this x sending you big hugs x

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Thanks sweet

Sending lots of love 💕 take care of yourself lovely x x x

Thanks sweet. I am taking each day slowly as it comes... it's never easy...but there is always hope

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