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***Sensitive Post***pregnancy and mammography!!!!

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Hello to everybody!

Hope u r all doing great! If u know my story, I had 2 unsuccessful ivf attempts and were getting ready for my third and last one on february! Im turning 40 on April! I even got all my medecine from pharmecy but my period is late for5days! I did a pregnancy test today and it came out that Im +2weeks pregnant! Just Naturally!! I cant believe it and still in shock!! It is my first BFP in whole my life and we even didnt have sex on my ovulation coz we were in a travel! It seems right when they say: let it go and forget about it, then the miracles happen themselves!!

Im just worried that I had a mammography last week and I didnt know that Im pregnant! Im so worried about it! Shall we abort the baby?! Does anybody have any experience about it?! Plz give me your opinions if u know anything! By the way my first scan will be on5th of Feb!

I appreciate all your replies! xxxxxx

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Oh wow. That's amazing. Congratulations. Yippee! I would just get in touch with your gp or epu to ask them for reassurance but termination would definitely NOT be something I would think about. Enjoy and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

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Paris1771 in reply to Camillage

Thank u sooo much! I cant believe that it happened finally😍I hope u r right amd the baby is fine! All that we want is having a heslthy baby! I will meet a gynecologist on 5th of Feb! So I really hope he can help me!

Wish u all the best to your pregnancy too dear! 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Camillage in reply to Paris1771

Don't wait until 5th Feb. Call your gp today for reassurance. It's so exciting. And great to see that it can actually happen naturally too xx

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Paris1771 in reply to Camillage

I called the hospital today and the soonest time was 5 th but will try another one this weeks!

Plz pray for my little one to be healthy❤️❤️xxxxx

Wahhhhh this is amazing news!🙌🙌💗🤞m so delighted for you! So excited for you!! Honeslty the amount of radiation from a mamogram isnt toi much ti qorry about but just mention it to your Dr so they are aware!!xxx

Thank u so much! I really hope so! Im just too worried about it! 🤞🤞🤞xxxx

I get that, just remember there are people out there that have far worse lifestyles than us having babies! Wishing you so much luck, keep us updated.xx

Yes u r completely right! I just hope that it is a healthy one to make a reliefe! I will update u for sure! Take care and wish u all the luck on Monday! xxxxx

Wow this is amazing! Congratulations. I would definitely book in with your GP sooner rather than later so that you can be reassured rather than waiting and worrying. So pleased for you xx

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Paris1771 in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thank u sooo much dear! Yes I’ll c what I can do this week! Im living in Sweden and the medical services r a little bit different here! We dont have special gp and must wait on the quque to visit the one who is free! But There r some private ones too and I gonna check it with them! However they still cant examine if it’s healthy or not! Im just hoping that everything goes on great! Xxxxx

Try not to worry. Drs have no idea of what would be a safe dose of radiation for the baby as there is no way, ethically, they could run an experiment to test this. It's the same thing with alcohol - they don't know if there is a safe level so all they can advise is to completely avoid it. Just keep thinking the dose in the mammogram is small and is quite far away from your pelvis...

Congratulations on your little miracle and here's to a happy healthy pregnancy for you xxx

Thank u so much! Yes as I googled it the amount of radiation is so small! Im just trying to relax and not thinking about it too much but actually I even drank alcohol( mostly wine during new year as well!) so it seems everything I shouldnt do , I diddd!!😫

But will wait to c what is going on, on my body and hope to get a great reasult!

Wish u all the best as well!


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Hi Paris. Fabulous news! I wouldn’t worry, as the plate you put your breasts on protects anything underneath. I’m sure you will be reassured. Good luck! Diane

Hi dear Diane

Thank u so much! I feel much better now! Hope I have a safe pregnancy🤞🤞🤞


Thank u so much dear❤️🤗🤗

Congratulations I must have missed your post a couple weeks ago xx

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Paris1771 in reply to gcw104

Thank u so much lovely. Wish u all the best in the world! xxxx

Congratulations! Really happy for you! Can't offer much advice regarding the mammography but hope everything is ok and here's to a healthy pregnancy!

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Paris1771 in reply to Kempton

Thank u so much dear! As I spoke to the mammography centre they told me that the amount of radiation is too kow to harm an embryo! So just my fingers r crossed. xxxx

Congratulations on your pregnancy fantastic news!xx

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Paris1771 in reply to Core

Thank u so much! Wish u all the best as well! I think mostly our minds are affecting our body than anything else! Just try to relax and do whatever makes u more calm! Hope to hear yours soon! xxxxx

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