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Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2019 brings you every happiness!

I am looking for some advice! I am 3 days late on my period and have been like clock work after having Dulcie 5 months ago.

I took a pregnancy test and it’s showing as positive! What are the chances of this being a false positive?!

After having IVF and not conceiving for 2.5 years before I never thought I’d get pregnant naturally hence us not being careful!

Please let me know your thoughts - although a blessing I am slightly panicking - overwhelmed would best describe my feelings!

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Really don't know about chances of a false positive. But, if it is positive then congratulations! Can completely understand that you are very overwhelmed at the moment.xx


Congratulations lovely news. what a wonderful surprise for you both to complete your family unit 😍 I’ve never really heard of false positive tests, false negative test are much more common. All the best with your pregnancy ❤️xoxo

Looks positive to me! Congratulations x

Unless you are taking any medication that could impact the test, home pregnancy tests are very accurate. False positives are low. No harm in doing a second test if you want to check.

Congratulations! xxx

Big congratulations, looks positive to me💝

I would test with different brand of test too maybe FRER o clear blue or digital to be sure, they hardly showing wrong results.

Good luck xxx

Thank you all so much, I feel sick to think that I’m pregnant 5 months after having my Daughter but then having gone through IVF it’s a blessing! Will test with clear blue tomorrow and update xxx


Congratulations. What a lovely shock. I’ve heard this can happen after IVF pregnancy so I went on the pill just in case. Although would love a natural pregnancy just not yet as our home isn’t big enough xx

Oh wow congratulations! That is brilliant news . Like the other ladies say a positive is a positive . Keep us posted and what a great start to the new year ! Xx ❤️

Congratulations!! I know of a few ladies that had to have IVF and fell pregnant naturally does happen!xx

That's a definite positive Hun. Congratulations 😊. It's very common for IVF to clear everything out and people to fall pregnant naturally after. It's like the hormones from the pregnancy helped xx

Chances of false positive are extremely low. False negatives are much more common due to testing too early for example. In your case that’s a big fat positive! Congratulations!

Congratulations, what a lovely surprise xxx 💙💚💛💜

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