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Faint line or Negative?

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Hi ladies, I need your help..... I’ve been feeling really strange but not sure if that’s my first month of Clomid and a variety of vitamins/supplements 😬.

I was struggling so tested 4 days early (Af is due Thursday) not sure if to take this as a negative or faint line.. do I dare to dream??

I’m going to retest, please give any advise regards to tests.. I’ve just ordered Amazon one step test, won’t be here until Wednesday and not sure if I can wait TIL then... xx

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I can definitely see a line. Did it come up within the three minutes? If so, be cautiously excited... I would personally stick to using these, perhaps leave it a couple of days and try a digital too but definitely stick to frer xx

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Gemz29 in reply to Tugsgirl

Ye this was the result straight away and hasn’t changed.... I’ve got another test ready for either tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks again for looking for me 😘 xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Gemz29

You’re welcome. Try to hold out until Tuesday but if you can’t then good luck for tomorrow xx

Hi gemz

Normally You can’t have false positives with these tests only false negatives as it measures HCG in urine which only happens whilst we’re pregnant.

The only reason it can give a false positive for some women is if they have had IVf or other treatment and used a HCg trigger shot before ovulation that stays in the system and mimics pregnancy hormone.

Clomid is an anti oestrogen drug so no HCg- but we’re you given a HCG trigger shot once your follicle was big enough? To stimulate ovulation?

If so then it may Well be the hcg still in your system- it usually stays in body for about 10 days

The pink FrEr tests are generally the most sensitive compared to the blue ones so if you do Test again continue to use those

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Gemz29 in reply to Saya85

Hi, no I didn’t have a trigger shot my clinic didn’t even tell me when it was big enough...the clinic aren’t the best. Il defo try again with first response x

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Saya85 in reply to Gemz29

Brilliant! So if all you have had is clomid tablets then it certainly looks as though you are pregnant 🙂 congratulations xx

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Gemz29 in reply to Saya85

I’ve been taking supplements too though DHEA, l’arginine, vitamin d, folic acid... none of these would effect it? Xx


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Saya85 in reply to Gemz29

Nope. As Lizzie says. Nothing else contains hcg

Omg this looks so promising! Have everything crossed for you 😁🤞🏼Xxxx

It’s very faint... I had to check the other 2 in the box to see if there’s any sign of lines prior to use, however there totally clear😊. Xx

Hi there, I think it’s a positive too! Early days though, so like you say test again in a few days 💕 xx

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Gemz29 in reply to Lou7744

Thank you.... fingers crossed🤞🏻. I’m so grateful to everyone’s thoughts and opinions 😊 xx

Looks very promising to me! Fingers crossed your next test is even clearer x

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Gemz29 in reply to Kitcat12

I’m so grateful for everyone being so positive... it’s the faintest of line but giving me hope x

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Kitcat12 in reply to Gemz29

A line is a line lovely, faint or not! There's definately plenty to be hopeful about x

Hi Gemz,

I use these tests all the time. I never get a line unless positive! I think this is good news for you xx

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Gemz29 in reply to Steadman80

It’s very faint thou, have you ever seen the slightest of lines when testing with first? Xx

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Steadman80 in reply to Gemz29

OMG yes! Much fainter than yours, like proper squinter ones! Xxx

I even got my friend to wee on one once! Xxx

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Gemz29 in reply to Steadman80

Omg I would so do that too🙈... feels like I’ve looked at this test a million times... even checked the unused ones to see if there’s any faint line on them incase it’s just the test x

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Steadman80 in reply to Gemz29

The things we do. Wishing you all the best. Please keep us updated xxx

Definitely looks like a positive to me, maybe try a digital test in a few days I find them more re assuring in a way xx

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Gemz29 in reply to E_05

Thank you, I’ve looked at the test a million times I know I should wait a few days esp with af not being due until Thursday but not sure I can wait that long with a result like this😬 xx

Definitely a positive! Mine looked like that 10dpo and got darker every couple of days as HCG doubled. I'd say you are pregnant Hun. Congratulations 😊

Oh my ive just read your story from moths ago and can so relate, my blood results are awful, my clinic are terrible. I was given clomid which I started this month following a meeting with a consultant and then at my second scan this month the nurse pulled me in a room and said with my results it would be purely luck if this works....and to waste no time and start ivf asap if she was me.... I felt terrible... I’ve still got 4 days TIL Af is due... your story and faint line is giving me so much hope x

I think sometimes so called professionals can be so insensitive and make us lose hope but I am so stubborn lol and refused to give up. I am so pleased I didn't as have a gorgeous cheeky almost 14 months old. I am certain your test positive Hun. Try another in 2 days as HCG doubled every 48 hours so you'll see a difference. A week past period due my positive matched the control line. Good luck Hun xx

Your right but 48 hours feels like ages away... as would like a clearer result to show my partner incase I’m just going mad lol. It’s especially hard to wait when I haven’t told anyone, as it would be a lovely surprise to my parents at Christmas. I soo agree I can’t believe god insensitive my clinic is. Xx

I know Hun, waiting for the tests to get darker is annoying lol. I did a clear blue cross one 3 days later and so dark but inbetween did around 10 cheapies off the internet. That's 100% positive. Not going mad. It's pink in colour and came up in the allotted time so not an evap line. It will get darker. Just pale as still 4 days away from period being due and HCG only starts being produced around time of implantation which is 7dpo. The 7 days prior egg is making its way down to the womb. You've got perfect line for embryo that's just started producing HCG 😊 xx

I vote it’s positive!! 🤗

Looking good!

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Gemz29 in reply to CatDV

Thank you, fingers crossed 🤞🏻 xx

Ooh looking good!!! X

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Gemz29 in reply to Scarlett13

Thank you, hoping a retest will look even better in the upcoming days 😊 x

It looks like a positive test! Congratulations! Xx

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Gemz29 in reply to HollieW

Thank u I’m sooo hoping so xx

Definitely a positive test, congratulations. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy xoxo

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Gemz29 in reply to

Thank you so much, i really hope so.... first second line I’ve ever seen so I’ve got everything crossed xx

Hey. How much Clomid did you use? Im thinking of just ordering some 🤦🏼‍♀️

Hope this is good news for you, the test looks good 😊

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Gemz29 in reply to H0pe2

I took 50mg from day 2-6, along with DHEA and vit d. Fingers crossed this line gets darker, never had any line before Xx

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H0pe2 in reply to Gemz29

Was that day 2-6 of your period? I’ve not looked at DHEA before, what does this do? Good luck 😊xx

Yes, you take it from day 2-6 of your period, I could only get it from my consultant though, DHEA is to help egg quality, I’d heard it works well with ivf or clomid. Some side effects to taking it too, but I was willing to give anything a go. I’ve also this last week been taking l’arginine as I’d been recommended that too. Xx

That was like mine! I ended up getting a clear blue that tells you after just to check. I'm now 35 weeks!

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Gemz29 in reply to tilly85

Congratulations..... it’s the faintest of line however giving me so much hope especially with my upside down hormones... xx

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tilly85 in reply to Gemz29

We thought it was an evaporation line as we had to put it at different lights and angles to see it.

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Gemz29 in reply to tilly85

Oh my really.... I also posted the second test I’ve done today it’s slightly darker 😊🤞🏻. I’m just concerned that my prolactin level is high but trying not to think about it as this is the closest I’ve ever been to a positive 💕xx

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