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Going private for IVF whilst on NHS waiting list in Scotland?


I would be very greatful if anyone could tell me if it is allowed to go private or IVF whilst you are waiting for IVF on the NHS in Edinburgh? I know this totally depends on the postcode, and I have no idea how it is here.

I dont want to ask my clinic yet, because I am not on the waiting list yet, but will be most likely early next year, because ovulation induction does not seem to work.

I just want to calm my nerves and have some plan before going on Christmas holiday.


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Hi the best thing to do is check your local CCG'S criteria as they are the ones who set the criteria and if you are entitled to a round of ivf on time NHSyou probably don't want to miss out. In my area my CCG allows one private round but I know from other ladies on here that in other areas they cannot have any xx

THank you :) Yeah, I dont want to miss out a potentially paid cycle, but I dont know if I can wait for 1 year. I will check this.


Scotland is a wee bit different to England and its not 100% clear but it looks like you may still be given fundin if you have IVF unsuccessfully however its not clear. I know you said you wouldnt want to call the clinic but it might just be worth enquiring just in case....like I said it it not clear and just says NHS funding "may" be available so no straight answers. See link below at the bottom of the page.xx


Thank you! You are absolutely right, I think I will just ask then I know for sure.


Am in Edinburgh and if I can remember correctly we asked the same thing and if ur in a position to self fund then it not entitled to nhs funding. It may have changed cause we asked this a few years ago and in all honesty we weren’t in a position to self fund anyway and were probably clutching at straws as we were desperate to get started xxx

Thank you, thats very helpful. I hope it all worked out for you in the end. I really hope they have changed this in the meantime.


Hi Sarah,

We are in Glasgow so may be slightly different but we done a private cycle whilst on the waiting list. It didn’t change our eligibility for nhs treatment and also meant we didn’t have to do as many tests when our nhs slot came up.

Our private attempt didn’t work but it did mean for our nhs cycle they knew what to change which in turn worked for us. Id double check with the hospital but if they agree it won’t change your eligibility I’d say go for it. I know it’s a lot of money for no guarantees but for us it felt better to actually be doing something.

If you have more questions, I’m here to answer x

Thank you for sharing this and I am really happy for you that it worked :) I know it is a lot of money but I feel exactly the same, so I dont really care about the money. I just know I cannot sit there for 1 year doing nothing. And my husband and I have already decided that we would do a private cycle, because we really want to move forward.

I dont really see the point for not having a private cycle in the waiting time, in the end it saves a lot of money for the NHS, thats a weird system ;)

I will ask the clinic.


My consultant advised that if I paid privately it would knock off one of my funded Nhs cycles. That was my local consultant at home so I’m not sure how true that is. I never asked the Glasgow consultant. We were referred January and had our consultation at GRI March and were due to start ICSI in July/August so it was quite quick.

I'm in exactly the same position but in Glasgow. Was planning to ask at my next appointment but it's not likely to be until Feb or March and at the moment that seems forever away!

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Hi Kit,

If you are at GRI and considering going private through them, there is a separate number to contact for their private side.

Send me a message if you need the details x

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Thank you. I think we're going to go to GCRM if we decide to go private, but i just hadn't realised it would potentially impact the number of rounds you're eligible for on the NHS

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