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Egg transfer today.... All the emotions!

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So today, hopefully, is our egg transfer day. Hospital last phoned on Saturday (4 fertilised) and haven't heard anything since. I'm hopeful that I'll have all 4 to choose from, then fearful that none of them have made it! Don't won't to get too hopeful but don't want to get stressed either. It's mentally exhausting what we go through.

So I'm sitting here, drinking water so my bladder is comfortably full (oxymoron or what), trying to focus on what I'm having for dinner. Food always helps right? 😊

3 Replies

I pray everything goes well. Don't stress :) fingers crossed 🀞🏻 for u.


Yes thinking of food helps, think of nice things. Yes it is mentally exhausting the whole treatment but we will fight to get our baby.

Hope all goes well. It is nervous waiting but it will all be worth it. Transfer is over so quick. Im sure your eggs are fine hence the transfer.

Let us know how you get on. Big hugs x

I hope all goes just perfectly for you x

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