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Still 2 lines


Morning all my emotions are all over the place done my second scheduled test this morning still 2 lines but one is fainter than the other so I don’t understand it if I was continuing on with the pregnancy I thought they would have gotten brighter there’s still a glimmer of hope but I think it’s all over can’t stop the tears but at least I got to say I was pregnant for a few days at least x

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The lines still there though so focus on that and try and stay positive. Fingers crossed for you.xx


What were your other tests like? Were they a similar darkness or have they gradually got darker?? Xxx

Maybe you could test with Clearblue which shows how many weeks pregnant you are?

Lisamarie4583 in reply to Kari55

Have done this and it say pregnant 1-2 weeks x

Kari55 in reply to Lisamarie4583

Is that what you would expect?

The whole process is a worry isn’t it? I hope everything is ok - what are your clinic saying? Xx

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