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BFP - Nervous


Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is sensitive to some. Just got my first ever BFP on our second round of IVF. Now I’m over the happy tears for the time being, the nerves are taking over.

I’ve been taking lubion injections twice a day as well as two cyclogest pessaries. The clinic gave me enough until today, OTD. I am now worried about stopping all this cold turkey.

Anyone have any advise on this?

Thanks in advance!x

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Wow brilliant news Congratulations !!! Xxx

I would call your clinic once they are open and speak with someonw there. They will be able to advise and sort out whatever needs to happen.

For now, set the alarm for their opening time and try to get some more sleep xxx

Reb990 in reply to Camillage

Thanks Camillage! It was an early start but couldn’t get back to sleep at all!

Called the clinic and left a message when they opened, hoping I hear back today at some point x

Congrats on your bfp. Lovely news. I had a frozen transfer and even though my clinic also gave me lubion and cyclogest up until my OTD, I have to continue to buy all meds after. That's how my contract is. I am not sure you should just stop all meds after OTD, unlees this is what they have advised you? But do check with your clinic. Good luck x

Reb990 in reply to cryst4l

Thanks 😊. On the clinics website it says fresh transfers, progesterone support stops once you know the results but for FET it carries in for 12 weeks.

Left a message for them so hopefully they can get back to me today x

Congratulations! I’m afraid I’m not sure on the Answer but do you have a number you can call for the clinic over the weekend? Ours had an emergency mobile for medication questions and help x

Reb990 in reply to Sausage11

Thank you! Called them and left a message not holding out much to hear back from them today, they have been a nightmare to contact the whole way through the cycle.

Congratulations on your BFP.

I imagine you are stressed. I was always advised to continue with medicine until 10-12wks, and I usually arranged some supplies before even getting BFP which would sustain till first scan with my clinic. But this was also planned well with my clinic too and they would advise me on transfer day on this.

I would call them asap to arrange more medicine.

Reb990 in reply to Anya80

Thanks Anya. It’s just one stress after another with this process!

Left a message so hopefully il hear back from them. I think they will say that’s their protocol for a fresh transfer as per their website but it does make me panic a little.

Congratulations! Exciting...I got my bfp yesterday and spoke to the clinic and they are sorting out a prescription to send me more pessaries..I have been advised to continue them up until scan date. I don’t have the injections so not sure about that but your clinic will know, enjoy today xxx

Reb990 in reply to Italy16

Congratulations to you to! I still can’t believe it’s real😱.

Congratulations, lovely news. I wasn't on the injections but had pessaries and had to buy more pessaries after OTD as I had my BFP. Like Camillage has said, I would contact your clinic. I guess there's different protocols for different people and situations. I would make sure you're taking folic acid. I understand that although this is the best news ever, it's an anxious time. My advice is try to stay positive and believe that this is your time. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy xx

Reb990 in reply to Lucylu_88

Thanks Lucylu! Clinic finally got back to me and I can pick up some more cyclogest tomorrow. Means I’ll miss one dose but it’s better than nothing x

Congratulations on your BFP xxx

Reb990 in reply to Penders

Thanks you ☺️x


Congratulations darling xx

Reb990 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much x

Congratulations 😘

If you're really worried I would call your clinic for some advice x x

Reb990 in reply to Drives

Thanks Drives 😘

Congratulations ✨xxx

Reb990 in reply to everhopeful83

Thank you!x

Congratulations ✨xx

Reb990 in reply to MrsAdzee

Thanks. How are you getting on with the tww?x

MrsAdzee in reply to Reb990

Not bad....although it’s dragging so bad! Xx

I can’t help you with your meds question but wanted to congratulate you on your Bfp 😘 x x

Reb990 in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you!x

Hope you manage to get hold of some meds. Congratulations xx

Reb990 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks tugs, pick more up tomorrow so that’s calmed me down a bit x

Tugsgirl in reply to Reb990

Ah that’s great xx

Congratulations, wonderful news. I can’t offer any advice but I’m sure if I was in your position I would also be feeling nervous too. Hoping some of the others can reassure you. Good luck for a healthy pregnancy xx

Reb990 in reply to Dunla

Thanks Dunla x

Congrats 💕 xx

Reb990 in reply to Lou7744

Thank you x


Congratulations! Amazing news!! 💛💛xx

No advice but congratulations. Xxx

Congratulations, wonderful news

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