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Information needed please


Hi everyone,

My first round of ivf failed last month. This was a fresh transfer of a 5 day 4aa blastocyst. Luckily we have 3 embryos frozen. I had my failed cycle bleed and then had to phone my clinic on day 1 of my next normal period. This was yesterday so I phoned the clinic this morning. We are booked in for a treatment plan appointment on the 8th of Novembe, this will be cycle day 19. I’ve been told that we are doing a HRT FET. Does anyone have any experiences that they can please share with me in regards to time process etc. I feel a little deflated as thought things would start quite quickly after starting this period.

Many thanks 😊

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I am sorry I can't advise on timelines as each clinic calls everything different things. They should give you a timeline of what to expect when though so I would ask them.

Fingers crossed whatever the timeline that you get the outcome you need.

What I do know is that with it being a fet, there are a lot less drugs involved and therefore less stress on your body. Lots of clinics are starting to only do Fets and the chances go up slightly.

Big hugs xx

Hmm I’m not sure but I’d say an HRT FET is the normal medicated one, and if this is the case you generally have a baseline scan on the second or third day of your period, and around two weeks in depending on how thick your lining is, they pop an embryo back in, so time wise it’s the same as a short protocol but without the epic amounts of drugs, much less intense xx

That is quickly really. I had a failed fresh cycle about a month ago and my next transfer won’t be until around the first week in December. The hrt could be in the form of patches which you’ll have to change every third day, I think. Once you have that appointment on the 8th it will all start moving very quickly. And it’s not long until the 8th... Good luck xx

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