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After D&C


After having a d&c on 1St October I had only a day or two of bleeding then it stopped! I randomly started bleeding again around the 10th/11th which has just eased off I'm just wondering if it's still the after effects of D&c? Surely it's not a period already? Was never told when to expect a period of sorts I just thought it would take which I've read up on would be 4-6 weeks before a period would come! Any advice would be good xxx

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I havent had a D&C but 2 natural mmc which I bled for 10/11 ovulated 2 days later days then had a period around 14 days later. It could be just random bleeding or possibly af how much was it? how long did it last? nothing to worry about tho just your body healing try doing opk to see when you next ovulate or just wait. Sorry for your loss xx

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Lasted about three days wasnt heavy as such but consistent enough! What's opk? Thank you for replying 😘

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Opk are ovulation predition kits usually I usually start on calender day 9/10 as I usually ovulate 11/12,, after a miscarriage its abit tricky as you might need loads I only did them because after my first I must have ovulated straight after bleeding stopped so I did them after my 2nd mc and was positive I really just did them as curiosity.

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It can take a while for periods to return and to return to normal I conceived after 6 cycles my body was just not ready before I was desparately ttc.

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