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My period is back!!!

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This could be terrible or sound bad when you’re TTC but I kinda feel that this might be good?

My period stopped in December and in March the doctor said “Yeah, no follicles darling. You’ll need a donor”. And told me to leave the room...

I didn’t give up, that rude doctor wasn’t going to ruin my dream. “I’m almost 36, I know it’s getting tight but come on mate, give this body another chance”. Did a lot of research, lost a bit of weight (still need a bit more), started a healthier diet and a bunch of supplements.

This is the 3rd cycle I have back and this one is a full one. Normal symptoms and flow and I’m happy with it! Is that weird?

Happy because I have a period when I just want a baby?

I see this as my body creating a perfect lining...

This is my body getting me ready for my second opinion appointment next month! Isn’t it?

“Im 36, it’s still early to give up” I say! Low AMH? Yeah I know it’s low... I mean... damn low... but what if I can still have a chance?

I’m not giving up. And so shouldn’t you!

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Awww I feel the same!! Haven’t had proper periods in years. And I got the tiniest bit of spotting the past two months and felt so good- like my body’s actually working!

I did think after, that meant I wasn’t pregnant so not necessarily good thing(!) lol but at least positive signs that things might be functioning as normal

Good luck with your second opinion- can’t believe how rude the previous doctor was x

I think it's brilliant for you and sounds really positive.

The doctor sounds awful! How dare he treat you like that! Glad you didn't let him bother you.

I don't think it's weird at all, I'd be pleased too :)

Too early to give up for sure! It's still possible with low amh and as we all know, it only takes 1!

Good luck at appointment :) xx

Yay - go you. Definitely a positive for you and a massive step in the right direction. Good luck with your second opinion meeting xx

Well done you 🙌🏻Sounds very positive, it definitely pays to be your own advocate 🙌🏻

I’ve got very low AMH levels for my age & I’ve managed to conceive twice- first was a chemical pregnancy & I’m now 6 weeks pregnant. Low AMH shouldn’t prevent conception.

Hope you get happy news soon 😘

My friend got pregnant with amh 0.1 at 46! Is just one lucky egg

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