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Don’t understand my body 😫

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Hi guys. Hope u all well.

Have started to test for my surge again using just the clear blue tests this time. I started to get a flashing face on Friday eve and got one yesterday morning and this morning. Now have tested twice more and have no face!! What u think this means. I missed my last chance on the last cycle as missed my surge so really don’t wanna miss this one. Tad confused though. Wud it change in the day and come back later this eve? Did that yesterday no flash mid day but was late eve 🤔. Any input to help my confusion be great please. TIA xx

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I'm no good at all with this but hopefully one of the lovely ladies here can help. Xx

Let’s hope so. Thanks for replying though xx

Sorry no idea here either. The only thing I discovered recently was that actually pm is the best time to test - in opposition to pregnancy testing. Good luck x

Thank you. Yep I’ve found eve appears to be more positive too so fingers crossed it goes flashy again. It a strange old thing ☺️ x

Strange question but did u open a new pack? I had it where I opened a new pack and used the new unit and got different results to using the old unit with the new strips!

Hmm that is a good point. I have been using two diff units with the same new strips so maybe that does make a difference. Thank u for saying. Am re checking now to see😁. Thank you x

Ok it got to be that then as am now flashing again. Blimey ☺️

We were advised to try not to focus on this as stress can affect your normal cycle if you get too worried about it. We were advised have sex every 2-3days throughout the month so there's always sperm there waiting for the egg 😊 xx I used to do all the ovulation testing but I got a bit too stressed if it missed a day or wasn't the result I expected so I just stopped doing it to try to keep my sanity xx

Yeah true but easier said than done. Not about sex this time too we doing a natural fet so extra important for that to test regularly. It fine now though am getting there.

Oh I didn't realise, oh if you have to test then hope it goes smoothly, good luck with it all xx

Nhs advice is just to have sex every 2-3 days through the month so you do not miss your fertile window. If you wait for a positive you may already have missed your best chance as it’s good to have sperm in your system before you ovulate. After three years struggle, the two times I got pregnant naturally (though both miscarried) were one month where I didn’t use ovulation kits and one month when the clearblue monitor suggested I hadn’t ovulated at all. I think they cause a lot of stress.

Ah just read you are doing a natural fet. Good luck, I hope your static smiley comes soon xx

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