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Post birth high blood pressure


Hi everyone . Haven't been on here since having my baby girl 4 months ago . Just wanted to ask anyone out there suffering from post birth height blood pressure ??? I've never had high blood presdure in my life and I just worry every day about it . I've been on medication since my baby was 1 week old as I lost the feeling in my arms was taken to a&he where they found I had high blood pressure .

Can anyone put my mind at ease ??

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Hi try not to worry ..high BP after delivery is fairly common and resolves within a year. So glad it was picked up and treated. Have you managed to adjust your diet..low salt intake...normal BMI. ? Get good sleep???? NOT easy with a little one but it is important. Can you talk to your GP to put your mind at rest. Wishing you all the best. I'm sure there will be something in the NHS site to help you.

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Thank you so much . All I've done Is worry . Thinking I'm going to die and I have a 4 month old baby . My doctor said don't worry but my blood pressure seems to be getting worse . I'm back to my normal weight of 9 stone and very healthy so I thought . But like you say I'm really going to be conscious of my salt intake and see if that helps . Also eating lots of bananas for extra potassium too 👍


Hi Eh16. Sorry to hear this, but I'm sure your doctors have you under control. Why not have a look at the "NCT" area of Health Unlocked, where there will be a lot of young mothers, some of who will have been in similar circumstances. Diane

I have high blood pressure but now three months after birth it’s beginning to come down. The medication I was given initially was not working so I changed doctors. They say beta blockers don’t work for people if African decent. My doc kept giving me beta blockers and eventually at the advice of my sister I changed doctors and was put on two channel blockers. My blood pressure went down and now it’s almoat at acceptable levels

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