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Feeling so down today


Hello all, I’m sorry to post this.

I’m on day 10 of my TWW, test on Tuesday. My body has stopped doing everything it was doing. No more cramps at all, boobs are back to normal I just feel like there is nothing there.

Iv done everything I could, eaten well, added in all of the extra bits people say to eat and drink, Iv taken the full TWW off work. I don’t know what else I can do.

Tuesday feels like a world away.

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You have done everything you can. There isn’t anything more you could have done. You’re not out yet. You can still get that bfp xx

Rfletcher in reply to Tugsgirl

I know, I just don’t feel very positive. Thank you though. Xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Rfletcher

I know that feeling all too well. Hopefully though you’ll be pleasantly surprised on otd xx 🤞🏻

Aww... I feel your pain. However you don’t truly know until test day. Sending you lots of positive vibes 💕 xx

Aww sorry to hear you're feeling so down.

The 2ww is awful!

It sounds you have done absolutely everything.

Don't give up yet, you still have a chance. xx

Keep strong. You have done so well to get this far. At this point in the wait symptoms are very fickle! Wishing you all the best for otd xx

Stay strong. The tww is so long and torturous. That all sounds normal to me so don't rule yourself out. Fingers crossed everything is going along just fine Xxx

I agree, symptoms can really come and go at this point. Let’s hope you will have a nice surprise come otd. Wising you luck xxx

I had to tell you about my experience...I had all this too..cramps, bloated tummy, sore boobs then i felt nothing .....and I did my test and guess what i got my BFP. Don't loose hope. 🤞

TRYING2016 in reply to 1980sbaby

I agree, it was the same for me but I started to feel so low, i felt depressed and was crying nearly all day im not lying you may think i am. But just keep busy and takecare of your health goodluck xxxxx

Rfletcher in reply to TRYING2016

Thank you, yer Iv had a good few days of crying now. Iv hidden it from my husband but last night I just sobbed on him. It did make me feel better. I think it’s because I feel so alone. Everyone I see asks how my husband is because of his cancer and it is always about him which is fine. But inside I’m screaming out that I’m going through shit as well, mine is just secret shit. Xxxx

Rfletcher in reply to 1980sbaby

Thank you, that does make me feel better. It’s so strange how you can go from feeling everything to just feeling empty and nothing. Xxx

TRYING2016 in reply to Rfletcher

I know it is a very lonely journey, speak to your husband how you feel, don’t let it build up because you will just end up breaking down on him everytime and you don’t want to that. Its not healthy for your relationship, if you speak to each and start to mention how you feel, he will take more notice and you will start to feel better before you get worse xxxxx

Hi, I don’t know if this will make you feel better or at least make you laugh, but someone posted this article a while back about the TWW and it always make me laugh! ;)


Good luck on Tuesday! I’m keeping all my fingers crossed for you! 😊X

The 2ww is just awful. Try to keep positive though, other than feeling a little bit dizzy on test day I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever and got a positive result. Sending you lots of love and luck for test day xxxx

Good luck for tomorrow x

Rfletcher in reply to drinathan

Thank you. X

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