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Does anyone diet when undergoing IVF?



My bmi is borderline 30, therefore over the next two weeks I’m going to follow weight watchers before I start my IVF.

Has anyone used this programme, and is it safe to follow when going through the long protocol?

Did you lose weight? Maintain or put weight on?

I’m just concerned the meds will put weight on.

Any advice will be really helpful.


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I did slimming world before I started Ivf and got my bmi down to 26! If I’m honest I have put a bit back on since my first transfer!!! The medication can make you feel very bloated and can make you gain weight!!! Bit rubbish really xxx

I no the clinics are very strict with bmi and if it’s slightly over then won’t see you till it’s 30 or below!! Xx


Hey Becatoms!

I'm in a really similar position to you - the nurses at my clinic recommended slimming world as being something that had a good balance for long protocol.

I've always really struggled with my weight, and things like that have never really worked for me, so I think it's just knowing yourself and what works for you. I think you shouldn't be too unkind to yourself while you're on the meds anyway, the hormone rollercoaster is hard enough without over-depriving yourself. If WW is what you think will do the job for you, and you're getting what you need, then that sounds great :-)

At the moment I've worked out my BMR using a fitness tracker, and am trying to keep to the recommended number of calories per day, not eating anything processed and trying to go to the gym twice a week/as much as I can persuade my sluggish behind to ;-) I lost 5st before I could start treatment, and my EC is scheduled for 24th Sept, so just trying to maintain that rather than lose any more, but dreading the water retention from the gonal-f/cetritide!

Good luck- let me know how you're getting on, as if you find the magic thing I totally want your secret ;-)

lots of love xxxxxxx

I just wanted to share my own experience of it but I hope it might help. Having PCOS sucks and I found it really hard to lose weight but I'm about 2st lighter now and I officially only have PCO now and so losing the weight has actually helped to make my hormones more stable.

Being honest I had a healthy(ish) diet already and was getting my 5 a day and not having more than 2,000 calories most days and honestly trying eating even healthier or restricting calories wasn't really making any difference.

In my case it was the exercise that really helped. I know there's the old 'you can't out train a bad diet' but I also found I couldn't out diet not training!

I'm not saying join an expensive gym or pay for a personal trainer but I found just things like going walking with friends and buying a cheap exercise bike from the charity shop, putting it in front of the TV and telling myself I could only binge watch Netflix if I was pedalling really helped.

I honestly wish you the best of luck with your journey. I've found that just a little bit more exercise has given me more energy and made me feel a lot better and I really hope it can do the same for you x

Hey I did weight watcher before I start ivf protocol it is safe because this program teaches you to eat properly and healthier i lose weight and I also did weight loss acupuncture and I did lose weight I even did it just before I started my medications. I asked my nurse Coordinator before I started acupuncture and dhe told me it was safe and it also helped me a lot the only side effects I had was I was very bloated during the week of taking the medications. Hope this helps you and good luck on ur journey. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

I lost 10kilos through running and eating sensibly... ma last run 5km was two days before egg tranfer. I did not put back weight until way into the pregnancy and more after birth. Again bad eating habits more than the ivf meds . Babies are now 2 months trying to go back to sensible eating but it’s hard

I dont see why you cant diet so long as you are using a healthy eating plan as opposed to something like diet shakes etc. Unfortunately Ive always put a bit of weight on doing IVF and finding it difficult to lose again!xx


I was on weight watchers and lost 12 kg (although my BMI was just within normal). I found it really helpful to track what I was eating. I thought I had a healthy diet but you have to be in a reasonable calorie deficit to lose weight- I had been training for several hours a week including with a trainer and until I changed my diet, I did not lose weight.

I put on a few kilos during stimulation but lost it quickly afterwards. I managed to maintain my lower weight before I got pregnant- i keep an eye on my weight now via a pregnancy app but I don’t follow WW anymore.

I think it can be really helpful but I don’t buy into their products. Now I am trying more intuitive eating but WW helped me to understand my relationship with food better and gave me ideas on how to balance things x


I dieted before the start of my cycle, as recommended, and exercised 5 times a week.

I did put a little back on during the treatment but my clinc weren’t too concerned as my weight was ok before the meds and they told me that it was a normal thing to happen

Good luck x

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