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Negative urine pregnancy test

I had misscarriage in 16weeks after 1st NHS funded then I lost all hope after 4 years we planned to go for private. I'm now 35yrs, On 21st of October one embryo is transferred and the nurse asked me to do urine preg test on 1st on November which is today. The test is negative Emotional roller coaster that I'm having is unexplainable. I'm still hoping for the positive result but the thing is I had spotted bleeping yesterday once then subsided. Then when I counted today the urine test suppose to be on 14 days is it early to check? Lots of questions are flying so tearful and feeling sick. Any answer for it?

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Hope try to live up to your name hun. I don't understand why the nurse suggested today for the test, as most clinics will ask you to test around day 15 ie: Thurs 5th. Do be aware that not all HPTs are the same and some need quite a high level of HCG to react.

The bleeding is probably nothing to worry about, could even be an implantation bleed. There is another thread dealing with that question somewhere on here.

Do another test on Thurs preferably with a different HPT and call the clinic for advice. They may be able to offer a blood test which is far more accurate.

Remember the acronym PUPO [pregnant until proven otherwise] and that we are all here for you hun.

Love and good wishes being sent hundredfold xx


Thank you so much Madcatlady55 for your reply. I'm so relieved after reading your reply otherwise all day I'm crying in one corner and I know my husband is also down.

Yes I will contact clinic tomorrow for advice and retest with another strip on Thursday.

Lots of hugs


No problem hun, you can pm me anytime and if things really get you down I'll give you my number for a chat.

Have a nice evening and give that lovely man of yours a big hug.


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There could still be hope honey. The test is usually 9/10 days after transfer, because depending what stage the embryo got to its already 3/5 days old when it's implanted. So that makes the total 14 days xx


I made a call to clinic the nurse says sorry.


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