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A year since we started treatment (hope no one minds me posting this)


Just reflecting and it was exactly this time last year when we started treatment and we now have a precious 13 week old baby boy 👶🏻💙

We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and prior to starting treatment I always felt the thought of me becoming pregnant was a complete impossibility and would never happen to me.

I feel so lucky that it did I’m so grateful to the science of IVF and what it has done for us.

I hope this post can give hope to you all, we all deserve our little miracles sending lots of love and baby dust xxxx

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Beautiful xx

Gorgeous! Congratulations xx


Ah so cute, congratulations 🎉 x

Awww so cute, love his little outfit ❤️ xx

What a beautiful lil baba... 💕💕

What a happy wee boy. Congratulations.

Beautiful 💙 congratulations on your successful journey. Nothing compares to mummy life does it? Especially when you’ve been through the mill to get our precious little ones! xxx

He’s absolutely beautiful! Congratilations xxx

Congratulations! He's gorgeous! Xx


What a cutie!!! 😀 Thanks for posting. Xxx

Aww... he’s soo cute! 💕 xx

Omg. He's just sooooo cute. He's gonna, be a, heart breaker. Congratulations hun 😘💝💙

He’s a little cutie, congratulations x

Congratulations! ❤️

You gave me lot of hope! Thanks ❤️

He’s beautiful 💓 congratulations

Beautiful x

Gorgeous, congratulations xx

Congratulations, you’ve a gorgeous little boy there. I love his dungarees 😍 xx

Awww he is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing. It helps us to keep the faith and keep going. Congratulations xxx

I’m so glad it happened for you! I constantly feel it’s too late and not possible for me! Encouraging to hear how life can change in just a year!! Congratulations to you both!xx

Aww!! So cute!!

Can’t believe how big he’s getting! Enjoy every minute (I’m sure you are) 💙 xx

What a beautiful baby boy you have 😍

Congratulations xx

He looks adorable, thankyou for sharing xx

He is so cute! Congratulations

And thank you for posting this pic

It’s an inspiration x

Thanks for sharing. Me and my boyfriend have been told the same, unexplained infertility. Trying for 2.5 years, 1 miscarriage last November so are now starting IVF. Starting the injections next week hopefully if all looks ok. This post has given me hope I'm not too late (I'm 39) xx He's gorgeous, congratulations xx

Such a cute child. Glad you did post! Well, we are also trying for so long! Now, even attending an event in London. So, we can counter our infertility. So, yeah! Anyway! Thanks for sharing it! Gives hope to others. Why would someone mind such a cute munchkin? xoxo <3 You're really so lucky woman. :)

Ahhh Shanks he's goregous!! Thanks for sharing the pic, always good to see! Hope you're enjoying being a mummy!xx

What a cutie! Thank you for sharing. It’s good to hear good news stories xx


Awww how cute! X


Ah, this bought a tear to my eye! He is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, posts like these bring so much hope. High fives medical science! X

Congratulations. What a lovely little boy 👶🏻

Bank holiday Monday was the ‘one year anniversary’ of my embryo transfer and it’s crazy how much things have changed since then (baby boy is 15 weeks).

To all those going through this now, wishing you so much luck and hope you’re also looking back this time next year with your baby in your arms thinking how lucky you’ve been x

Congratulations! He's gorgeous. What a lovely message of hope x

Congratulations, I always like reading messages that give some hope x

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