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Update: Amazing!


Hello ladies

A bit of an update.. we had egg collection on Thursday with 15 lovely eggs. EC aftermath was definitely not pleasant for me, apparently I have tricky ovaries - so have been in a quite a bit of pain over the last 4 days... so apologies if I missed your news - will catch up and reach out to some of you and see how your getting on.

12 fertilised - but 6 are possible freeze worthy - will confirm tomorrow as they are giving a couple another day to do their thing. Really happy with the numbers.

Today I had 1 beautiful little 5 day blasto put back in - what an amazing experience to see it, it was like a little shooting 💫

Getting the catheter in was hard going - my cervix is also tricky to access - had a panic it was going to be called off - but we got there in the end - the doctor and nurse were amazing throughout.

So so loved up today.

2 week wait here I come! Keep everything crossed for our little miracle.

Lots of baby dust to you all xxxxx

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Amazing news Barbara! Everything crossed for you! I hopefully have EC on Friday but sadly only 3, maybe 5 follicles are mature so my chances of it all working out this time are pretty slim. Xxx

Barbara1012 in reply to Refocus

Thanks lovely xx don’t say that it only takes 1 - you need to stay positive sweets, will be thinking of you Friday xxx ps I had 11 follicles on day 9 by day 13 if shot up to 24. Keep smiling - sending lots of positive vibes and hugs xx

Refocus in reply to Barbara1012

Hi Barbara, I had 11 eggs collected so better than expected! No idea how many are mature though. I can't believe we find out tomorrow how many have fertilised! Soooo nervous but very excited. Xxx

Barbara1012 in reply to Refocus

That’s a great result- really pleased for you!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Hope you’re feeling ok, get some rest and a treat or two you deserve it xxx let me know how you get on xxx

Ah exciting times! I’m on the two week wait too. 🙏🏻🤞❤️

Barbara1012 in reply to MrsH007

All the best sweets xxx

I remember my transfer my cervix and uterus were difficult to get to! Goodluck sending you baby baby dust 😘😍 xxxxx

Thank you! How are you doing? Xx

Im doing good thank you just waiting for my viability scan 😐 on Thursday 😍

Oh wow that will be soooo exciting, is that the first heartbeat scan? Super pleased for you love, wish you a happy healthy pregnancy xxx

Yes it is, thank you xx

That’s great!! Good luck for your tww! And keep praying those slower ones keep going!! Our frozen was a slow grower but it got there in the end. Xx

Thanks! God loves a trier! How are you getting on? Xx

He sure does!! I’m good thank you! Last injection tomorrow then start the lovely pessaries! Transfer next Tuesday xx

The pessaries are a delight, only 2 days in for me and well... 😱 All the best for next week - its truly magical xx

I heard a few ladies say they miss the injections once they’re done, I can categorically say I don’t share that sentiment! Xx

Just two a day for me too!! I can’t wait to see our little embryo on the screen again xxx

Ahhh amazing news Barbara....damn tricky cervix's are a pest! Fabulous that you possibly have such a high number to freeze too. Rest up and take it easy now, loads of luck!xx

Thanks lovely, feet up as speak! How are you doing? Xx

Im doing ok ta! Hoping to get a plan to move forward next week as clinic will be back from hols so just enjoying not taking those drugs and trying to lose a bit of weight....Oh and having a gin is marvellous! Ha ha haxx

Haha, that’s great!

I am pretty sure Gin is made from juniper berries - practically one of your five a day:)

Good luck with the clinic next week - a little break from the drugs will do you a world of good and you’ll be raring go. All the best sweets and keep smiling xxx

Ha ha ha great call! Oh god yeah, those drugs are the work of the devil! Will try my best, you take it easy in this 2ww and try not to drive yourself too crazy!xx

So happy for you, well done! My go tomorrow transfer one of my frozen embryos so scary! I will be joining you on my 2ww. Xxx

Oh wow! Goodluck tomorrow, will be thinking of you! Seeing little one going in makes all the injection worth it. Just trying to get used to the pessaries - they are special!!

Such a special moment to see that little spark of life shooting across the screen 💕 Wishing you lots and lots of luck for the next two weeks xx

Barbara1012 in reply to Dunla

Thanks lovely xx hope you’re doing ok, just caught up with your posts, sorry to hear about the issue with DE - hope that’s on its way to being resolved ASAP.

I know what you mean about pregnancy news, it’s seems everyone around me is - my sister in law is due end of Oct with her second. Big girl pants on is the key - bloody hard though!

Take care sweets and will keep everything crossed things happen for you quickly xxx

Ahhh brilliant news! I’m so pleased you have your precious call on board! How exciting! Will keep everything firmly crossed for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼 sending you loads of love xxxx 💕💕

Barbara1012 in reply to Caza2009

Thanks my love, how are you doing? Xxx

Caza2009 in reply to Barbara1012

I’m all good thanks. Transfer has been booked for next wed! So I’ll be a week behind you in the 2WW. Trying to stay calm and positive.

I’m so pleased your experience was amazing! Fingers crossed for a BFP xxx sending you loads of love & baby dust xxx 💕💕

Barbara1012 in reply to Caza2009

That’s brilliant, all the best!! i’ll be climbing the walls by next week so be nice to try and keep each other sane xxx

Caza2009 in reply to Barbara1012

Haha - definitely! 😊👍🏼 xxxx

6 would be an amazing number to have as back up but hopefully you won’t need them! Good luck xx

Barbara1012 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks lovely, all the best with your scan today and fingers crossed for your little e🥚 🥚 too. Hope you’re feeling much better now xx

All the best!!


Great result! 😀😀😀

Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

Thanks lovely, how are you and the little one doing? I just read your post and whilst I have no scientific background or knowledge and entirely a personal decision bit I’d definitely say get the flu jab / they wouldn’t recommend it if it there were any concerns xxx

Hidden in reply to Barbara1012

I bet you are so glad to get this far!

Yes booked my flu jab for 3rd September! 🤢 haha

All ok here - just driving myself daft waiting for 20 week scan now! Can never relax! 🤣


Barbara1012 in reply to Hidden

It’s been touch and go admittedly and a lot harder than I expected - and unlikely to get any easier. Just going to stay positive it’s all out of my hands now really.

Hope the time flies by for you - bet it must be really hard, take care love xx

Hidden in reply to Barbara1012

Just post on here and we will entertain you for the tww 😀😀😀

Rest up! Xxx

Big love and luck to you xxx

Thanks lovely, how are you doing? Xxx

Getting there. Have started on the journey towards the next fet which is exciting but I can also feel those old nerve feelings trying to interrupt my Zen. Ha ha. So, on the pill at moment, decapeptyl at end of September and then before we know it we will be on that plane again. Xxx

Bless you, you’ll be grand lovely. I don’t think the nerves ever leave us - keep smiling and best of luck xxx

We shall all get there. Here's to your little star xxx

So excited for you!! Just because I'm not familiar with the lingo - what is a five day blasto?xxx ❤️💋

Thanks lovely xx it’s a little embryo that’s made it to day 5 and growing beautifully (called a blastocyst). I couldn’t tell you the actual science behind it xx

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