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Very little brown discharge in day 8 in 2ww


Hi everyone! I am in 2ww and on the 8dpt i had a little brown discharge when went to toilet only for 3 days and only use toilet.

In the past i had 2 ectopic pregnancies and had this little brown discharge. I did a home preg.test on 12 day but it was bfn 🙁

Monday is my odt and i am scared now. Is anyone who went through like that and got a bfp at the end.

Good luck everyone and hopefully we will all succeed xx

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Just wanted to wish you good luck for otd. Brown blood is old blood and you’re not out yet, unless it turns full flow and red xx

Apparently you're still in if blood is brown and light - only need to worry if it becomes like normal AF x Hang in there x

Wishing you all the best. I also agree with the others - brown is old and therefore all should be fine x

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