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Low Amh but only 29 years old


Hi so as you can see I am worried. I have egg collection next week possibly Friday and the doctor keeps say at the most I would have 7 eggs retrieved. How do they know how many eggs? Im worried this is not going to work. We are doing IVF because my husband had cancer as a child and he had a severe low count. Please need some advice or happy thoughts! Thank you

Btw AMH of 0.54

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Hi, they estimate number of eggs based on the number of follicles counted at your scans. I too have low AMH discovered last year at age 30. I got no eggs collected on first cycle but 5 on the second so 7 is not a bad number. I remember the woman crying in the next cubicle to me as they only got 12 collected!

Try not to focus on quantity. People can get 20 plus eggs but none make it. You only need one good quality egg for this to work. It's hard to say don't worry or think about it because I know you will but focus on quality not quantity. Good luck xx

Dmatta2 in reply to Blue_penguin

Thank you so much! Your stories are so moving and make me less anxious

Hi Dmatta2, I have a 6 week old daughter who was conceived following a successful round of ICSI. We were originally referred for ICSI due to sperm count and motility issues but I discovered I had a low AMH during our initial tests at the clinic - I was also 29 at the time. I was told not to expect a large number of eggs but ended up having 9 collected, 4 reached blastocyst stage - 1 transferred (my daughter!) and 3 in the freezer. Age is a major factor and you have that on your side, I know it is hard not to worry but try to focus on the quality rather than quantity of your eggs. If someone had told me this time last year that our ICSI round would work and I’d have a beautiful daughter I would never ever have believed them in a million years, but treatment can work and miracles do happen. Keeping everything crossed for you. X

Dmatta2 in reply to Lou9

Thank you so much! You made me less worried

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