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37 Year old with low AMH. What are my chances of conceiving?

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Hi everyone - I'm "new" here. I am 37 and i have not been able to conceive yet. I got married two years back since I could not find the right person for myself. I recently got my vaginal ultrasound done to check if everything is normal. I discovered that my AMH is 0.55 which is quite low and my ovarian reserve is low as well. My FSH is high and I have heard people getting pregnant with this but I have a doubt about low AMH. Post that i completed three cycles of Clomid but it did not help.I have been eating well and my diet has no caffeine, more protein and brown rice but all in vain. The doctor says conceiving normally is difficult and I have been asked to opt in for either surrogacy or IVF. As far as surrogacy is concerned, i have my doubts about these agencies and would like it if i can find a clinic or hospital who has a surrogate database. I am a tad bit skeptical about IVF since i dont know what are my chances of getting pregnant are in this age when the AMH is this low.However,my first choice is IVF but i cant afford too many rounds of IVF. Therefore, i want to make sure before going in for it. Finally anyone with an AMH level near or lower than mine that can give me any advice on what they have gone through? Have you been able to conceive through IVF or did you have to opt in for surrogacy. Any help or advice will be appreciated. You can also DM me if you do not wish to write openly in this forum. I am waiting to hear all your success stories. Thank you in advance. Any tips that helped you conceive better would also be appreciated.

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Hi my amh was 4.6 when I started treatment a few years ago, We tried 3 fresh cycles of IVF and sadly they didn't work, so we moved on to donor eggs I am now almost 11 weeks pregnant. Is donor eggs something you would consider as you can still use your husbands sperm, and you carry and give birth to the baby xxx

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Wow! Now that is an inspiration! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope that your baby arrives right in time. How were your FSH levels? Were they normal when you started thinking about conceiving?

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Plenty of people do and can get pregnant with low amh, I always got a good amount of eggs but the quality just wasn't there with mine. My FSH was 12 x

I'm not sure why they are suggesting surrogacy rather than just using donor eggs. I am assuming your amh measurement is in ng/ml which is equal to 4 pmol/l. My amh was 4.7 at the first test but had increased when it was tested again. Vitamin d can affect levels so make sure you're taking plenty of supplements of this. I was told with that level of amh I needed to be having ivf sooner rather than later, so we did and it worked first time. I only got 6 eggs, which I'm sure is related to me not having a huge reserve. But they were obviously good quality as all fertilised and we also have 5 frozen so having low amh obviously doesn't count for everything.

Good luck!

Hi, I have been trying to conceive for two years and started when my AMH level was at 0.09. So far I have had 3 cycles of IVF and this last one has worked so I would say it is a long journey but totally worth the try as I am 15 weeks along and could not be happier that I gave it a chance.

Hi mine was 0.5 or 0.05. Our nhs hospital said no chance use donner eggs. We went private. I got 5 fertilised eggs all bastocyst stage. My little boy is now 2

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Thank you for your message. It is very encouraging to know that.

I was going to say the same as the other ladies - donor eggs over surrogacy surely is your best option. A friend went to Poland I think as they are a little more bold than the uk and got her baby girl first time with donor eggs and they have frozen an egg from the same donor for if they want a sibling.

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Wow great to know that! Do you have more information on the same. Will be happy to hear.

Your message has come in as a sign of relief. Thank you so much for the information. Your story has inspired me no bounds.Did the clinic make arrangements for your stay for all your visits or was it only a one time facility. Is Ukraine a safe place to travel to. I would like to know more about this clinic as it sounds effective. I just googled about it and read some positive reviews. I appreciate the support you have provided through this post as it makes me feel i am not alone. We were also skeptical about choosing a clinic considering the number of scammers and fraudsters that exist. Do let me know regarding their procedures and services so that i can contact them as well

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