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Diet And supplements


I am looking for info on what’s a suitable amount of supplements to be on for unexplained infertility no known issues.

I am currently on a fair few after seeing a nutritionist to the point I’m struggling with them all . Is this excessive I’m having 20 tablets a day on average Iv cut out milk and wheat and increased protein.

My husband is doing the same. This is in preparation for ivf cycle number 3 my clinc have said I would have to stop the supplements leading up to treatment.

Any views and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Ashley that seems like an awful lot!! Which are you taking? I took only pregnacare and coQ10, my husband took wellman and fish oils. We are both mostly vegan anyway (don't eat dairy or meat but do eat fish). I think it's good to cut out dairy as it effects the reproductive system, but not sure the reason for wheat unless you are coeliac. Has the nutritionist said you are deficient in anything, or the reason for so many supplements? I would have thought a pregnancy supplement and a healthy diet should be more than enough. Ps. Did they give you both a nutrition plan, or just said cut out wheat & dairy?

hi hun, the 'it started with an egg' is a really good book for this xx

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Thank you . I will order that I have looked at the reviews and looks really good x


Sounds similar to what we had to do after visiting a nutritionist.

No dairy / Gluten and more protein. She also told us to get rid of all non-bpa free plastic!

Not quite 20 vitamins but I was on - selenium, ubiquinol, magnesium, fish oil, pre-conception multi vitamin tablets.

All this along with a healthy diet.

We had a failed IVF and then a BFP naturally.

During IVF went back on full fat organic milk 500ml a day!

We embraced the diet and had a good detox. We were desperate - I would do it again - as we got our BFP and hoping rest of pregnancy progresses ok.

Unexplained is so hard....but maybe diet helps to re program the body?


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