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Has The Stork Worked


My husband and I used the device 11 days ago which was my most fertile day.

Since Friday I have had brown spotting on and off.

Felt sick twice,and had a sore head yesterday and a little bit today....also boobs feels a bit sore.

Period is due Wednesday so all this could be symptoms of that.....Eeekkkkkk

Oh who knows ....done IVF twice with one of them being an early MC at 4 weeks.....

Hard to not get obsessive over this 😵

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Sorry to hear about your failed IVF attempts and the grievous pregnancy loss! I don't know about the device really, but wanted to share good luck and what I know about symptoms related to pregnancy. As you must already know symptoms are not a great detector for pregnancy... some get it and yet don't conceive and some doesn't get a twitch and still goes on with full-term. As right now you're only 2-3 days off AF day... you can probably get an HPT to check if you're feeling hopeful about it than just counting on the symptoms alone. Wish you luck!

Good luck. Hope it is what you think. What was the device? X

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