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Boosting fertility

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Hi ladies,

So, after a failed fresh and frozen cycle of ivf, hubby and I have decided to give ourselves some time off the ivf journey and possibly come back to it next year.

In the mean time though, we’ve decided to give ttc naturally another go (who knows, all the hormones and medications I’ve had may have kick started something).

I have pcos, so know it’s more difficult to conceive, but thought I could see if anyone has any advice on how to boost my fertility? I’m going to buy some fertility teas, and heard that myo-inositol powder is quite good. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Or any other tips at all?

Thank you for reading my ramblings


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Have a look at thepreggerskitchen on Instagram, she’s a friend of me who has researched pcos a lot xx

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ChloBo84 in reply to Orla9298

Thank you so much xx

I would go to a Chinese doctor (herbalist / accupunturist) for treatment. If is expensive but lots of studies show that it can make a difference. In terms of conventional supplements, my consultant recommended that I take Proxeed. I don't know that there are any studies that confirm proxeed helps, but I felt positive about it. Oh, and lots of sex! Every two days throughout the month was the advice i was given on nhs. Good luck!

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