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Do all clinics use the same technology?


I am really unhappy with the results and wondering if it would be different if I chose a different clinic? I have to admit that I hadn’t done enough research before I started as my GP says, “you can choose any private provider. Just use google to search London independent hospital.” I didn’t consider any clinic that didn’t have the exact word independent hospital on their webpage.

I started off really well and after all stimulation, I produced 20 eggs and 13 fertilised. On the day 3, 3 of them have 7 cells, and 4 have 6 cells, 4 have 5 cells. I think I made a really bad decision on day 3 as I decided to go for blastocyst development. I almost fainted when I heard that I only had 1 blastocyst by day 5. I am really unhappy with this results as I had thought 1/3 would usually develop into blastocyst. Anyway it’s already done.

I know I am silly but I have been thinking that the hospital may have dropped my embryos on the floor. Maybe all of them are dead but they transferred a dead one into my body to give me some hope for 2 weeks. They told me to be positive as the one currently in my body is a grade 1 embryo. I don’t know what it means but sounds good. In fact I don’t really believe them. I know these are very silly thoughts, but I just cannot help myself thinking like that. Those are not the only the silly thoughts I have, I don’t want to bore you with too much details.

I know I am very negative as I have already started preparation to start again and was looking at different clinics on HEFA. Oh, please do not tell me to be positive as I have still got a blastocyst in my body. I simply am not able to. I really regret that I went for a day 5 transfer.

My the question now is:

would it be different if the same procedure was done in a different clinic? Do they use the same technology and same incubator and same chemical culture to develop the embryos? Could you recommend any good ones in London, preferably in the city? I don’t have much annual leave left for travelling to hospital. I hope all the scans can be done during the lunch time.

Sorry, it’s a very long post. I have lost my skill to talk precisely.

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I can only share my experience and what a lot of people told me on this site that sometimes your 1st round can be a bit of a test case - I know that some lucky people get BFP from their first try though and lots of frosties! Lucky them!

My first round was not as good as I wanted - not much stimulation and so I feel like I didn't respond that well and get many eggs - even though my egg reserve was good for my age. My main thing I wanted was lots of eggs to have as insurance in the freezer and so we could have 3 cycles without having another full IVF....But we got 2 5 day blasts.

So my understanding is that different clinics have different ways of treating patients - my NHS clinic was a bit - 'one size fits all' but I am sure that works for some people!

After our first failed attempt I went to see another clinic to see what they would have done differently - and potentially they could have had a better result as they would have learned from my failed cycle.

My consultant told me apart from my poor response to stimulation that 50% of my embryos at my age (38) may develop abnormally anyway so no matter what I do, or how ready my body is it might not develop.....

If I was doing it again I would def go for 5 day Blasto as from what I have read they have the best rates of success and have more of a chance.....but it is all still a bit of a lottery....

I haven't had much experience so I think you will maybe get more information from the other ladies on here that have a few cycles under their belt and clinics .

I won't tell you to be positive - I was so so negative and lost faith in the process completely. But we had a BFP straight after our failed cycle (still early days).

Best Wishes for your cycle.


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Thank you for sharing your experience, EB2001. I was well mentally prepared before I start, because the success rate is 27% for woman under 35. It’s just that everything went so well at start, I suddenly built up a lot of expectations.

Congratulations and well done on your 2nd cycle.

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Yes everyone wants to be the 27% and all our appointments went ok and nothing came up to suggest it wouldn't work for us which was hard.

I didn't do a 2nd cycle - we got natural BFP month straight after failed IVF...was bonkers....

One thing I will say - I really found speaking to other clinics who offered a free consultation beneficial and made me feel hopeful that if our other round didn't work there were more options. So....maybe no harm to go and see some if they are free....

Wishing you luck!


Hi Jenny, I think your post reflects what many of us think first time around and it's so hard to be positive especially if the results were not as expected. We got 9 eggs first round, 8 fertilised and only 1 made it to day 5. On 2nd round we only got 4 eggs, I was hugely disappointed but I'm now pregnant with twins from the 2 that made it to day 5 so please don't lose hope. I probably thought the same about the clinic dropping the embies first time round tbh, I couldn't believe only 1 made it. I assume you're in your 2ww now? Please try to stay positive, you just don't know what will happen xxx

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Thank you for your encouragement. Sometimes I am fine, but just after a while, I could suddenly feel extremely negative.

One thing I would point out is that, if the embryos didn’t get to day 5 in the lab, they probably wouldn’t have done so inside you either. By going to day five you have been able to select the strongest one and grade one is really good (best possible grade). I’m not sure where you heard the stats that 1/3 usually get to blastocyst, it’s not something I’ve ever heard and certainly hasn’t been true in my circumstances (but then we are dealing with a chromosome issue). In terms of a first round of ivf, it’s really common for first rounds to have unforeseen issues/problems and any good clinic would tweak these for another round if you needed it. If you do decide to choose another clinic if you need another round then make sure you get your notes transferred over.

Finally, the two week wait to find out if the embryo has taken hold, drives us all crazy. You will find yourself thinking all kinds of things. It’s not the time to be taking any big decisions, you just have to get through it. Good luck xxxx

Lizzie, thanks for your comment. It’s very helpful.

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