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No period after fresh cycle


Hi all, I had a fresh cycle a few months ago and got a BFN, apart from a light bleed at the time I’ve had nothing going since, it’s now over 8 weeks since the BFN and no sign of a period. I’m now starting to slightly freak out that the drugs have done something and messed me up!

We are seeing the embryologist today so we find out hopefully what’s next and what’s happening with our frozen embryos, I will ask about it.

Trying not to (and failing) over worry.


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I hope you get some answers today xx


Hi kickingfish. There's still time for you to restart your periods again, although sometimes we do need some medication to get going again. Hope all is well with your frozen embryos and you can talk about when to have another go using one of them. Thinking of you. Diane

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