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Egg collection just complete! -1st IVF cycle ever on short cycle


So I’ve completed my EC today and 9 eggs they said ... I hope they are of good quality and are okay.. I feel some discomfort on what in can assume is my tubes and lower tummy when I move and hope it goes away - I’m using a hot water bottle /, no bleeding or pain in main vagina area for now. Now we wait for the call tomorrow hoping they fertilise . We have gone for the time lapse embryo monitoring so hopefully we can get some images of them. Fingers crossed for all the other ladies who are having eggs collected , transferred or are at any stage of this process . Whatever the outcome , we have all done our best and we can only hope that it’s enough and science will be on our side .❤️❤️

Quick question though , when do the boobs stop hurting?? I never have sensitive boobs except a day or two before my p’s but right now, even brushing against them in the shower is killing me!!!

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Just seen this!! Well done amazing. I’m very similar. We got ten eggs, 9 of which were good enough to be frozen. Happy days!! Good luck with your transfer xxx

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Awww that’s great!!!! I didn’t even ask how many were ‘harvested’ lol.. Good luck to you too! I’m glad we are on the same cycle and can sort of trade experiences .... now let’s see what happens tomorrow. We are concerned as the issue was my husbands sperm and they can’t really test it before fertilisation but they will look out for the strongest healthiest ones and hope for the best!! All the best in yours as well love .. do keep me posted ❤️❤️


Hi Steph254. Well done, time for a rest now. Make sure you drink plenty of water and if you need pain relief take some paracetamol unless something else has been prescribed. No anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Hope all goes well with fertilisation and transfer. Don't worry about the sore boobs, they will settle when they're ready. All down to hormone drugs. Thinking of you. Diane

Thanks Diane you are such a rock for us all .. love and love ..❤️

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