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Wise words x


I had a little bag left for me at work yesterday but one of my clients who has also been through IVF.

Inside it had a Guardian Angel and the following words : A Guardian Angel to treasure, helping to keep you safe night and day. Angels follow you through life, reminding you that you are never alone.

And this card which I thought I would share with you all as I thought it was so lovely & so very true for all of us on this journey!


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Hi CB001. That was very thoughtful of her, and I hope all does go well for you. Diane

in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you Diane, yeah so kind of her x

I had a little Angel in my bag at every appointment given to me by a dear friend x it meant a lot and helped me stay positive x

in reply to Esmes2013

It’s such a lovely thought isn’t it! I bought all my nephews & godson a guardian angel for their christening presents. I’ve hung it above my bed & then I’m going to take it with me for all of our appointments x

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