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Don’t give up! There really is hope!


Here is my story...I have a beautiful son who is 9 years old. When my son was 2 Years old me and my husband decided to get married. Life was perfect and we decided it was time for another baby. Little did we know that we were about to face the longest, hardest and most difficult journey we could ever imagine. On the first month of ttc I fell pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. We didn’t give up hope and ttc again as the months went on we started to get a little worried as nothing was happening so we went to our Gp who referred me to the hospital. Me and husband had lots of tests, I had all sorts of scans and a dye into my tubes to check for any blockages but nothing! They then started me on Chlomid and the dose went up to 100mg over a 12 month period but still nothing! 4 years went by and things became extremely difficult I became depressed and had to be prescribed anti depressants, my husband was so supportive but it was putting a real strain on our relationship. I had feelings of guilt, loss, anger, sadness, failure, resentment and a complete emptiness. Every single day felt like torture I had to paint this fake happy smile on my face when inside I was broken. The times I had to put on a brave face and attend baby showers and be happy and elated for my closest friends and hearing those pregnancy announcements it was just heartbreaking I was extremely happy for my friends but would walk away cry for hours and just think why isn’t it me :( it consumed me so much that After 6 years of ttc and a diagnosis of secondary infertility but with no reason we couldn’t conceive naturally we decided to pay private and went to a clinic to see what our options were. It seemed that ivf was our best hope so we came away with the hope to start our treatment later this year. February 2018 after 6 long horrendous years I found out I was pregnant, and it all happened naturally! We couldn’t believe everything is going well it we are expecting a second little boy in November. My heart truly breaks for all of you ladies and your stories but please please don’t give up I never thought this would happen to me I had literally given up all hope and tried to battle with my longing for another child and my gratefulness that I already had my son. I really do hope things work out for you all and you do get what you want xxx

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Congratulations. What a lovely story and trying times for you. Well done for keeping your head high for that long.

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Congratulations. I am due in November with our first baby. Exciting times :)xx

Thanks for post. Best wishes for your No2. Xx


Lovely story - I'm glad it a worked out in the end. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy xx

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