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Should we do PGD testing?


Has anyone who might have benefited from PGD testing not done the tests and gone ahead with IVF without doing the tests? PGD testing at my clinic is about £5k and we have a 1/4 chance of me passing on a genetic condition for which I have a 50/50 chance of being a carrier of. So 3/4 potential children wouldn’t be affected at all.

We now have the decision of either doing PGD with batched IVF cycles or accepting the 1/4 chance and proceeding without the PGD and then if we are lucky enough to conceive doing amniocentesis. Obviously in a best case scenario we would do all the tests possible to avoid any potential problems at a later stage but in our case we would struggle to afford several rounds of IVF and PGD testing.

Has anyone else faced such an issue? I keep going around in circles as to what the best thing to do is! Help!

Thanks 🙏🏻

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Hi JenKath, I'm going through something similar myself!

See my last post :-)

My OH & I are still weighing it up but are more leaning towards not going the PGD route at the moment

JenKath in reply to Joanna1701

Thanks for replying, it’s comforting to know other people are reaching the same conclusions. We keep going around in circles with our thoughts! We are more leaning towards not doing PGD too but I have to be ok with the chance I would have to terminate a pregnancy if we were lucky enough to get pregnant and the baby was affected ....and I don’t know how to decide that! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤔

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