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Moving embryos/sperm samples between clinics - use a courier company or do it yourself?


I wondered if anyone has experience of collecting and moving frozen sperm samples between clinics? I've been given the contact details for two courier companies, a quick google search reveals negative reviews of both of them, and the clinic says I can do it myself. I'm just wondering if that is reasonably simple to do or is a big stressful undertaking, and if anyone has experience of doing either. Thanks :)

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We randomly had this discussion with our consultant last week. She said that they would ensure that it’s well packed and that people do it all the time.

Having said that though we’re going to use a courier, my OH said he’s not going on a road trip to collect another mans sperm😂... probably be different if it was his own x

magda22 in reply to Kyell2

Thanks Kyell! Can I pm you to ask what courier company you're using? That's so funny what your husband said - I'm in a same sex relationship, so don't really have to worry about that!! Really good luck with treatment x

Kyell2 in reply to magda22

I’ll message you just now 😊 x


I need to get ours shipped out to Cyprus! Been quoted £1000 -£1500 for the privilege! X

magda22 in reply to Hidden

Oh wow, that's not what you need to hear is it?! I'm going between clinics in London so it might be fine to take it on. Just got no idea what it's like to transport one of those containers, and if anything could go wrong!!

Hope the experience in Cyprus is great X

Hidden in reply to magda22

I will probably be asking these questions later on when they go to move ours. Wish i could somehow put them in my case myself 😂. Oh our journey has been one hurdle after another. I swear Ilaugh with hysteria everytime something else crops up! Im sure you will be fine. They probably transport them all the time. X

magda22 in reply to Hidden

I know what you mean about the hurdles popping up all the way through!!

Wonder if I can take the sample on the tube...😉

Martinax in reply to magda22

I used one recommend by the clinic, let me know if you need the details and I will pm

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