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Point of no return...... ET day done & dusted!


So we had our egg transfer this morning.

We started off with 9 last week from our lovely donor.

That went down to 5 after the first night/fertilisation period.

Thoes 5 have done remarkably well.

4 A grade and one which is a bit slow catching up.

We had one of our finest popped in this morning at 10.30am.

Just spent the day in the garden relaxing, listening to the radio & reading.

Plan on doing pretty much the same tomorrow, then back to work Tuesday.

Fingers crossed

Love to all xx

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Good luck and sending lots of baby dust your way xx

Good luck with the results and also the waiting xx

Wishing you all the best x

Good luck, I'm on the horrible wait as well, I'm scared everything I'm doing is wrong and it will be something I have or haven't done which is why is doesn't work, basically torturing myself, although I'm still upbeat and normal from the outside. I hope you get good news xxx

Thanks gang, positive pants are well & truley on!

Think the trick is don't panic, be normal if in real doubt then freak out!!


Finger crossed for you hun!!!

I am on my day 4 post ET. Mine were grade 2 embies we have been given 8% of chances. But I want to try to enjoy the time with them as much as possible. We went to the Aquarium, to theatre, we walk the dog. As sometimes is difficult to imagine them I bought a miniature a t1 campervan for each of them. I know sound silly but it is a good help to visualize them also during meditation. Good luck to you. We are all strong amazing mums in our hearts already. Just trust your embie.

Good luck 🤞 I hope everything will go well. Have plenty of rest. 💖

Had day 4 transfer of 1 blastocyst grade B and morula grade A..felt cramps immediately and day after transfer...but after that no serious cramps again..am really worried embryos are not there again.pls I need reassurance am going crazy

Hey all. So far so good.

Just over half way through my TWW. Had some cramping and my boobs feel massive! Not had any spotting though.

Test on Saturday!

Fingers crossed!!!


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