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Best ovulation test for POF + weak sperm

Hi all,

I have a premature ovarian failure and the sperm of my husband doesn't survive after one day. We are running many MNC cycles and are trying to give ourselve the best chances while not under treatment for natural pregnancies. What would be the best ovulation tests: the ones predicting 4 or 2 most fertile days? Any other suggestion on how to find the right ovulation test? Thank you.

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I really believe the One Step cheap strips are the best, and my consultant agrees. He says the posh clear blue or dual hormone ones with smily faces are overly sensitive and tricky and can miss things. The cheap strips it’s right there for you to see. You can get them on amazon and it’s worth buying a pack of 50. I ovulate on day 12 ish and test from day 8 each morning and afternoon, and as soon as the line even starts to develop, I start doing around 3-4 a day so that I don’t miss the proper surge and sure enough one will have a blazing positive line. Xx

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If you’re going to try them I recommend buying the ones labelled wide strips as they give a bigger surface to read if you can get them xx

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