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life is just so cruel

I really do not know how life can be so cruel, I have found out a family member has had another child. This is a person who already has two children who live with their father because their mother (aka my family member) accused her dad (child grandfather) of rapeing the child, when the child had tests in the anus and found no DNA from its grandfather, both children were taken off her. since this she has made a comment "i will have children for you because I'm like pringles once i pop i can't stop", she has had another child that was taken from her at birth and has now had another one and been left to bring it up? Wtf? Another has had cannabis right the way through 5 pregnancies with 1 miscarriage, never stopped during, still has it around them, I mean enough that even their youngest 2 yr old could start making a joint. I'm just sick of it, I'm not perfect and have made mistakes but this just feels like one big punishment.

Sorry for the rant

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I struggle with this. It seems so unfair. I think about it and I can’t get my head around it, it’s like there’s no justice.


There really is no justice regarding having babies that's for sure. I know at least 3 people who have kids with a new bloke after 5 minutes together, others who smoke cannabis or drink through out their pregnancies & who even had kids to get more benefits / bigger council houses. These people always fall pregnant at the drop of a hat... Makes my blood boil some days!


Absolutely disgusting, makes me feel sick physically. Your right no justice. I'm sorry you have to see all that going on hun it's absolutely vile 💝😘

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Its so infuriating isnt it! There's nothing that I can say to make you feel better but god I do feel for you. I think we all feel like this but at least you have us that can relate to how you feel. Rant all you need to!xx


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