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Continuing with progesterone

Has anyone had experience with taking progesterone their whole pregnancy? I'm convinced continuing meds will help me maintain a pregnancy. I stopped them at 12 weeks in my last pregnancy and the baby stopped growing less than a week later. I know it's not the norm to take them past a certain stage, but my infertility case isn't the norm either. I have very low hormone levels. My specialist said he may see a case like mine once, maybe twice a year. I know nobody can be sure why they lose their baby, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn'I at least try to correct what I think may be the cause of my misscarage. I have a follow up appointment next week and hoping they'll agree to continue giving me the meds next attempt xx

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Hi ashlou86. Definitely worth asking about. You could have a blood test to check levels too. Obviously I hope all goes well this time. Diane

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Any questions you all think I should ask would be helpful. Thanks xx


I think asking for blood tests to check hormone levels, and perhaps reasonably regular scans, following your next bfp is pretty much all you can ask for. I have an odd hormone disorder as well, my progesterone dips and stabilises, each dip caused my lining to shed. I was petrified about coming off the cyclogest but, on Diane's advice (hospital were useless) I tapered down which would have given me a chance to identify a dip earlier rather than too late. This may be an option for you? But I'd insist on a blood test first. Thankfully your doctor recognises your condition (mine didn't, even though they were treating it) so you may get this. Good luck x


I have this same concern myself as my progesterone has always been low at 4, so I am concerned that my placenta won’t produce it on its own at 12 weeks. I have brought this up to three gynecologist and my fertility consultant and all have said that as long as there is a gradual decrease in leading up to the 12 weeks it should be fine. However, to appease mysel I’m going to check my progesterone levels every few days from 10 weeks to 12 weeks to ensure my placenta is taking over.

So maybe consider testing your progesterone every few days with your doctor and go from there next time.

I also read that the progesterone levels do naturally start decline anyways as in the first term it is meant to be the highest. So you don’t want them too high throughout xx


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