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Round 3 here we go!

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Hi everyone

We are signing consent forms on Sunday for our 3 round of ivf (first one on the refund scheme)! Fingers crossed for better egg quality this time. Im not sure if we should go for a May or June round. May would give me more time off work to relax but June gives me longer on the omega 3 /vit d supplements. Anyone else doing ivf in May or June and want to be cycle buddies ? Baby dust to everyone xx

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Lots of luck Penny! I’ll be hopefully having embryo transfer at the start of May... but I’m sure plenty of women will be just starting out. My feeling is you should go with what is best for your body. If you really need the supplements then go that route and make sure the time you have off in June you fully relax on x

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penny24 in reply to emu2016

Thank you emu2016, I’ve paid for it now so no going back! I’ll be seeing your parking pay machine very soon 😉 Good luck with ET, fingers crossed we both get our BFP this cycle xx

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emu2016 in reply to penny24

Try going when it’s broken! Haha! x

Good luck Penny! Im hoping to be doing a DE cycle in the next couple of be confirmed!xx

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penny24 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks Cinderella

Good luck with your next cycle I hope you get your BFP, keep us up to date on your progress xx

Good luck. Perhaps third time lucky xx

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penny24 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks, Fingers crossed xx

Best of luck Penny! xx

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penny24 in reply to KDA0510

Thank you, hopefully 2018 will be everyone’s year ! Xx

I wanted to wish you the best of luck Penny xx

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penny24 in reply to Smang

Thank u, I hope you get your bfp, when is test day xx

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Smang in reply to penny24

I’m 5 weeks, got my bfp two weeks ago xx

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penny24 in reply to Smang


When is your first scan, I expect u can’t wait to meet ur little bean. Fab news xx

Thank you jennymonte. Good luck to you too x

hey there, well many best wishes to you. may this time be in your favour. Everything is decided by God. Everything will happen in its own time. Maybe this will be your right time. Don’t get stress. A lot of baby dust to you. good luck.

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