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No left ovary 😳


Hello, your help and advice would be greatly received on this one.

I went for my first scan today (day 3 of cycle). She found my right ovary and all looked good, 6 folicals Stirling there nicely. She went to the left and nothing and trust me, she looked, bloody hell did she look. She then called someone else in and they had a bloody good go as well.

Will this restrict our chances?

They have said I can still go ahead this month and start the injections on day 21.

I feel bruised and confused right now.


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My left ovary loves a good game of hide and seek - I had 3 of them in at 1 scan trying to find it - after 45mins I had to ask them to stop!! Hopefully once your ovary starts getting full with follicles it will drop and be in sight. Don't worry xx

Thank you, anything you don’t think is normal is so worrying on this journey. Hopefully it will come out to play next time. Xxx

Hi Is it just playing peekaboo or is it absent? It's just I've only got one and that was only found out when I had tried for my third child for six years. They checked my ovarian reserve and it flagged up as being low and that's because there's only one. I was flabbergasted! However we did eventually get pregnant again ❤️ I hope it turns up soon lol ❤️ and don't worry if it doesn't, it didn't stop us xx

Iv had my hormone levels and all pre tests for ivf and nothing flagged up. They don’t know at the moment if it is hiding or missing.

I’m glad you managed to fall pregnant with your third. Thank you. Xxx

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