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Blocked the process out

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After 1 fail and 1 miscarriage we had a baby boy on our 3rd attempt in 2016. I’ve just had my FET yesterday with the hope to grow our family, I feel greedy doing it as I’ve already been so lucky to have my son but all I’ve ever wanted is to have a family. I keep saying to myself if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter coz I feel so lucky to have our son but at the same time I would love for him to have a brother or sister. I’ve blocked out the whole process and everything has been coming back to me on how hard this journey is, how emotional it is and how it might not work so not to get hopes up too much. My sister has just had a miscarriage (pregnant naturally) and she is just taking her time and going to let things happen naturally. I find it emotional and heartbreaking how when we miscarry or fail the process is longer it’s coming off the medication, raising the money to do it all again and then back onto scans and medication and then FET’s with 2week waits. Never had the experience of just trying naturally I’ve always known since I was 18 (32 now) that I would have to have a donor 😢. Just writing down my thoughts as I want to stay positive for my husband who has stayed by my side as it is me that is the reason we can’t have children naturally 😢. Good luck to everyone and so sorry to those who are still on this emotional journey for a family, hard to but please all stay positive x x

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Starting again to and can totally relate to your post. Feel like and ostrich sticking my head in the sand. I think it’s just preservation my lovely. Good luck and don’t be hard on yourself xxx

First of all so sorry about your miscarriage and your sisters loss ; how awful. I had one last year and the pain is unimaginable.

So glad you got your little boy but can’t blame you wanting another one. It’s not greedy. I have a grown up son from a previous relationship but I want to have a baby with my hubby. Most people can pop kids without much of a thought it’s awful we are all struggling so much. Don’t feel guilty for wanting another child; you’ve nothing to feel guilty about. 🤗

I actually think you are very brave to do it again; we’ve decided to just have one but it’s such an individual decision ; I’ve got endo and I can’t keep having surgery to “fix endo “ temporary and I’m also getting on; I’ll be 37 this year. 🤫

Good luck with the dreaded 2ww never easy. I really hope this round is successful and you get to complete your family unit 💗💗💗 xoxo

Hi, I’m in a similar situation to you. I also had a baby in 2016 via ICSI and we are starting to try again. I was lucky the first time round. My first fresh cycle worked and I didn’t have to go through the heart break of failed cycles and miscarriages. This time has been different. I had 3 Frosties from my first cycle and have used 2 so far. One chemical pregnancy and one BFN. And even though I keep telling myself I still have my little monkey it’s still such an awful feeling when it doesn’t work. It’s a natural instinct to want a second and to have a sibling for your first and whilst I am so grateful to have my son I am like you and desperate for another. If it’s any help my consultant told me that if you have one baby via IVF you are 50% more likely to convince again via IVF than someone who hasn’t been successful so far. So stay positive and tell yourself it will all be worth it in the long run. Good luck!

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