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1st time IVF Long protocol. What to expect and advice on any lifestyle/diet changes? TIA


First time poster here- we finally got to the stage of being offered ivf (NHS 1 fresh cycle), did the first lecture and then the signing of permission and final bloods. Rang up on day 1 to be told all the places (I think there are only 4-5) were already full and I would have to ring up next cycle. Was really disappointed but now with only 10 days left until possible chance to start I was wondering what advice you all have for first timers? We have been ttc for over 2 and a half years and after every test going ( accept laparoscopy or Killer cells) have been put in the unexplained category. I also have drug induced lupus from acne tablets given as a teenager and possible high levels of some sort of lipids that cause higher chance of mc. We have never been pregnant and are so desperate for this to work. Sorry for the long post but after all the tests, waiting and still no answer some positive encouragement and advice would be greatly appreciated TIA x

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Hi, may i ask why you havent had a laproscopy.... have you had a hsg to check your tubes?

CC2018 in reply to destiny121

Had a HSG and totally clear. I was told it ones of the best scans they'd seen. Completely clear and no issues. I also had a hysperoscopy to remove a tiny polyp spotted on a follicle tracking scan we paid private for- follicles grew normally and looked completely healthy, perfect size and lining perfect thickness for implantation apparently but nothing- polyp couldn't be found in the op apparently it had gone on its own. They checked everything else and it was fine. My GP said as I had no symptoms for endo I didn't need a laparoscopy despite me asking. I ovulate every month and sperm is fine so we've been left totally in the dark as to why it isn't working- very frustrating. I also have acupuncture, tried various vitamins as well as folic acid, changed my diet etc but still nothing. Neither of us are overweight or under weight, just average for our height and build. Quit alcohol, caffeine and none of us smoke.

destiny121 in reply to CC2018

Ahhhhh i see....., tht is very frustrating as everything appears normal. My advice with starting the ivf is to take each day as it comes, dont overthink it too much as once you start the actual process we often wonder why stress over all small things. I find its the emotional stress that gets to us rather than the actual injections etc. As i say take it in your stride and try to be calm..., good luck on your journey xxx

CC2018 in reply to destiny121

Thank you x

My advice is to relax. Easier said then done but it’s not as hard as you may think. I remembering being so stressed with my first cycle because you don’t know what to expect but with my second I was a lot more relaxed and not so worried (until the 2ww)

I would set alarms on you phone for when you need to have your injections, something little but it helped me a lot. The injections seem scary but again they aren’t that bad and don’t hurt too much, just a bit of stinging.

Good luck xx

CC2018 in reply to beauty1984

Thank you! A definite good idea with the alarms- i'm a secondary school teacher a d once I start work it's very easy to lose track of time. Are you going through your 1st ivf, if you don't mind me asking? X

beauty1984 in reply to CC2018

No I’m on my second round, currently on my 2ww. My first round was free on the nhs but it didn’t work. Second one we have paid for and only 5 days left until test day. Xx

CC2018 in reply to beauty1984

Fingers crossed for you xx

Good luck to you, such a frustrating road to get here so hope it all goes well. I agree, the injections are the least scary bit once you get going, I would put all your energies into staying close to your partner and talking about the rollercoaster of emotions you’re on as much as possible. Eat as healthily as you can, lots of green veg, pulses, fruit and fluids. Not sure if you’re into yoga but I found that and breathing exercises very helpful for quietening the mind.

Are you going on the 21 day long protocol on Buserelin? Title of your post makes it sound as if you are. If so I was on that protocol last round (we had to abandon as they found fluid in my uterus caused by old scar tissue), and I found the Buserelin down reg very hard emotionally. Not sure if your clinic have prepared you for that, my consultant didn’t and it took me by surprise. Maybe I was unlucky but I seemed to get all the symptoms on the leaflet and it was super tough. Really hoping you don’t have the same experience but just to say if you do, then feel free to PM me on here and we can chat as I’ve been there x

CC2018 in reply to RidleyNL

Thank you. It's been pretty tough. I really don't know how people manage- our journey isn't that long compared to others which I feel is testament to how strong women really are. I'll keep you updated when we finally get the go ahead and I know about the drugs. I'd had my hysperoscopy the morning our of introduction lecture and was still under the after affects of the GA so I don't remember a lot of it x

RidleyNL in reply to CC2018

Oh my goodness, yes you won’t remember much then! I had a hysteroscopy under GA on Monday and struggle to remember what was said in the debrief too. Which seems awful really when it’s such important info and you’re packed off after without any recourse to getting it repeated again!

Anyway. Please do keep me posted. You’re right, women are incredible for the amount of strain we can endure. I’ll be thinking of you xx

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