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Husband smoking IVF help


Hello guys my husband has his carbon monoxide levels test on 9/04/18 at 2:45pm, and he is currently smoking due to pressure at work etc... if he stops from tonight and doesnt smoke for 3 days and then fully stops going forward, will he be able to pass the test? I am just really worried he will fail it!

Ive text him and he has promised when he finishes work tonight he is not going to smoke. Do you think within 3 days the carbon monoxide and nictotine will leave the body? And he will have levels as a non smoker?

I hope somebody can reply

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Sorry I can’t answer that question but tell your hubby to get a nicotine free vape pen if struggling, no need to stress you both out at an already stressful time! Fingers crossed for you x x

Sorry can’t answer that either but my hubby stopped smoking after our 1st failed ivf attempt & his sperm count went up from 1.5million too 24million xx

He could move to patches or lozenges. But it’s not about cheating the system here - smoking really does affect sperm density & motility, so he really does need to stop if he wants this. Me and my hubby are both ex smokers (we’ve been quit 8 years now), so I know how hard it is. Good luck xx

Lilli79 in reply to Wishfully

I agree, there's a much better chance of success if the sperm has time to regenerate and get healthier. My husband stopped about 6 months before our treatment and his sperm count improved massively

Hiya, my hubby was in the same situation and on one appointment he did mention that he had the odd 2 or 3 on a Friday night and they said we would have to wait 12 weeks because of this. So hopefully it’ll be out of his system if he can stop now and hopefully will be fine on the 9th, hope it goes well for you both x

Thank you guys for the support, one good positive is that the carbon monoxide levels leave the body in 24hrs so if he stops tonight when he comes back from work and not smoke until monday, hopefully it should be okay!

Drives in reply to RASA2715

Fingers crossed for you as I can totally sympathise with your situation.

My husband has given up smoking and it's been so difficult...especially at such a stressful and emotional time. x

Hi i was in the same situation with my husband. He stopped few days before and past the test. Dont worry about it x

Thank you everybody for the responses! Lets hope all goes well on monday!

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