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12dp5dt and massive belly!

Good morning everybody!

I guess I am looking for some reassurance and comfort in that post... I’m 32, have endo and I’m 12dp5dt. The test day is tomorrow (!!!!!) and we’re still waiting.

My problem is that for the last 4 days I have a horrible indigestion! And I wonder if anybody had that before? Is it a symptom ? A good one or a bad one? Or is it not related at all? I am massively bloated, and my stomach inside hurts, sometimes when I move. And I’m full of gas ( sorry tmi). It feels like when you had a sickness bug for a couple of days and now everything hurts inside. Is it stress related? That 2ww is horrible and I’m panicking it won’t work! I eat normal, easy do digest food and drink mint tea, use some remedies for indigestion but it’s still there! What do i do?

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I was allowed to test at 12dpt so that’s annoying you have to wait until tomorrow. Was it a FET or fresh? I was bloated most of the time during tww and beyond so don’t think that is a sign either way. Are you constipated or the other way? It may well be stress. Try and do anything that helps you to be calm and relaxed today and eat some healthy things and maybe some natural yoghurt. Distract yourself with yoga or mindfulness or a good film. It’s so hard but only one more day and you will know xxx


Hi love,

It was a fresh cycle, our first. I eat and go to toilet as normal, I just look like 6 months pregnant and I’ve got pain inside. Not unbearable but huge discomfort. I’m thinking about testing today, but i dont think I can! It’s too scary and once we know it will all before real! I’ll have some yoghurt for breakfast and see if it goes away...

Sorry for trivial problems ...


Are you on the pessaries? If so they can cause bloating, bad wind and stomach cramps! Did you have any symptoms of ohss?? Xx


I agree that the pessaries play havoc with your bowels!


Thank you for your responses ladies. Yes, I’m on pessaries, 3rd week now. I’m also taking pregnacare. Everything was fine until 4 days ago. I wish it would just go away. I feel heavy, I’m bloated with pain and I look like a whale.

I don’t have good feelings about the test tomorrow.


Good luck for tomorrow, I’ll keep my fingers crossed xx

Progesterone is the culprit for the digestive issues - both from the pessaries and the progesterone your body is naturally producing to support the pregnancy - it’s a double whammy! I really struggled with this in my last IVF cycle. Mint leaf tea, hot water bottle on diaphragm and Fybogel sachets are my recommendations. Hope it eases off soon xx


It is horrible but if it work then I will suffer!

Thank you Wishfully!

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