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Second IUI failed

After test day being Tuesday and it being negative but with no bleed the clinic said to test again today. After no bleed still I was starting to be hopeful but after another negative test and the clinic saying they'd say the procedure hasn't worked I'm left thinking how cruel this how infertility is. We are now going to go for IVF, we are paying for treatment so, amount lots of other reasons, is why we gave IUI a go. Don't really have a question, just writing this down and putting it out into the world.

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Sorry to hear this. It really is cruel. I’ve just had a BFN from my first IVF. I didn’t have a bleed either. They said I’d be due one in the next few days. It keeps you so positive when you don’t bleed, doesn’t it? Along with that, All my symptoms fitted in with being early pregnancy related. Next cycle I won’t take notice of any of that as I still for a BFN.

I wish you lots of luck on round two.



Sorry to hear you've had BFN, it would be less cruel to to bleed so at least that stops the stupid hope creeping in. Oh well, I suppose we have to pick ourselves up, stop the tears, dust ourselves on, put on some war makeup and get ready to battle again.

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Yes that is what we need to do. Tears seem never ending! Hoping to pick myself up over the wkend. Here’s to the next cycles 🤞🏻 xx


Good luck, not sure if it's luck, miracle or just pure science we need. I think myself lucky being in a warm home while it's absolutely freezing outside so I suppose things could always be worse. Xxx glass of red wine for me tonight.


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