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IVF appointment

So... I have been waiting for this appointment since October 2017. It is the appointment when they tell me ‘if I can conceive naturally’ as they put it. They will give us all of our results in one go. Husbands results are fine, its just mine. Also I’m hoping they’ll give us more information about when we will potentially start IVF- was put on the waiting list in August 2017.

I’m now starting to think I need to prepare myself and prepare questions to ask. As in the moment I can get emotional and forget everything I want to say.

Any advice or potential questions to ask? Or what can be said in this appointment?

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I think the questions I had before any of my results had been explained were about timelines and what generally happens in that clinic. I think other than that, it's a case of waiting for your consultant to talk you through your results and take it from there.

Preparing is good and maybe wrote down questions that come to mind because if you're like me you may forget 😊.

Best of luck with the appointment xx

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