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FET and a BFN - when to go again?

Hello everyone, I'm new to this and not really sure this is a question as such, but here we go... I had my first FET on 8 Feb, and received confirmation yesterday that it wasn't successful. I never had a fresh transfer, because I had OHSS after egg retrieval and had to have a "freeze-all", so this was my first experience of the torture of the IVF 2WW. I had to have an HRT transfer, because I have PCOS and irregular cycles - so am stuffed full of hormones that mimic pregnancy. I felt premenstrual cramps over the last week, and deep down I think I knew it couldn't have worked, but the damn drugs and their symptoms are so confusing. Plus, everyone kept telling me to be positive, so I almost convinced myself maybe it had worked. I knew I would be upset if it failed, but I just feel so lost. Part of me wants to jump straight back in, and the other part is terrified. We have 3 frozen blastocysts left (this was a single transfer).

So, I guess my question is how long people have waited after an unsuccessful transfer before trying again? It feels like life has been both on hold and revolved around this for so long now.

Thanks, Alex :-)

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Welcome to the forum and sorry for your BFN. Your right the drugs are so cruel at how they mimic pregnancy symptoms! My clinic advises to wait 3 cycles before starting again and that’s mainly what I’ve done, I’ve normally started treatment again from my 3rd period. I know the waiting is torture but give your body and mind a little time to recover xx


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